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  • Craft Collaboration!

    I love all crafts and seeing as this is a craft forum, I'd like to take the opportunity to ask if anyone would like to do a craft collaboration with me
    I am up for a few ideas if anyone is interested.
    I can feature you and your craft/s on a guest post on my website, it will introduce you and what you do and your website, or it can be a DIY craft from you to teach my followers your craft or what you are making, with your website link for them to go check you out. This would have to be done for me too so it is a fair exchange we both do the same thing


    we can communicate and come up with a theme that we both challenge ourselves to do, ie use clay to make a bat for halloween , and mention one another in our website/video with the website link for people to check out if they wish.

    I know most of you sell things, but I don't I only create tutorials for people to follow as I am passionate about making and teaching others.

    Look forward to working with anyone! I really enjoy learning about someone elses craft and world. I would post about you on all my social media-youtube, facebook, instagram, as well as a post on my website on the homepage, so this is a good opportunity!
    thanks for your interest/reading.
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