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    I sell beads and findings as well as jewellery and tiaras.
    I have been thinking lately about packaging. I ususally use jiffy envalopes or bubble wrap with a plastic overwrap. I am now thinking about recycling my packaging as I have deliveries almost every other day and that's quite a bit of packaging.
    If you bought beads and findings and they turned up in a second hand envelope what would you think?
    Lazy so and so couldn't be bothered to get packaging.
    Scruffy wrapper, scruffy business.
    God that girl is green.
    great to see recycling.
    Hope that wasn't expensive P&P. I expected a decent looking parcel.
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    As long as my jewellery bits turned up safe and sound, id be quite happy to receive it in wrapped up in loo roll! (not 2nd hand though!)

    So i'd have no problem about receiving a second hand envelope through the post.

    I think it's a brilliant step you are taking

    Some people might not like this.
    Maybe popping in a bit of recycled paper in with the parcel explaining why the parcel is wrapped up using second hand packaging. It might change their mind about packaging too

    Good Luck!
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      I can't recycle directly because the boxes I receive the goods in are way too big so I buy the jiffy bags too, as well as small boxes. I tried to recycle some of the boxes but they are just too big so I end up stuffing them with paper. However, I take them to the recycling centre near us when I can.

      I think recyled packaging can make your business look cheap and small, but if you can and the items gets to their destination, does it really matter?
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        TBH i tend to rip open the package when i get it so it wouldn't bother me to get a recylced packet.

        I think people are a lot more conscious about "being green" now, so definitely go for it

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          Quite a few of my suppliers recycle old boxes and I must admit the first time I received one I thought ' oh my god, how cheap they must be really small time' but after that initial reaction I now understand why they do it.

          I think if you make a feature of it on your website, ie 'to help protect our environment we use recycled packaging wherever possible' you could actually make it a USP and it also pre-warns customers so it's not a suprise to them when it arrives. I say go for it!
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            You won't be surprised to know that I use recycled packaging! I have a note on my Etsy shop heading though that states I use clean recycled packaging. I tend to use written on one side paper to address the envelope too but I decorate with drawings of cheeky chickens and stickers etc to make it look a bit more exciting.
            I also keep tissue paper etc too that my purchases tend to come in and wrap the items up in those inside the envelope. I always include a little thank you note too.
            Of course if my things are small enough to fit inside one of my own recycled envelopes then I use those too!
            I would say go for it and just write something on your website to show that you use clean recycled packaging. Emphasise the clean part too - there was a thread on Etsy that I read saying that someone had received a package of a bag inside a pizza box - that still had sauce in it. I'm all for recycling but that goes a bit far!!
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              yep - recycled all the way

              I would write something about your packaging being re-used though, either on your website or include it in the package, a nice little note on some pretty recycled paper

              "In an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint, I am re-using and recycling my packaging where possible"

              Maybe even include tips on recycling in your home

              Am I the only one excited by the prospect of reusing all of my old packaging?

              I would make sure you say re-used rather than recycled though, recycled implies that it has undergone some process to make a different thing (recycled paper is reprocessed).

              BTW my easter bunny gift went out in a "recycled" jiffy bag, wrapped in 2 types of "recycled" wrapping, so there!


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                Originally posted by Pebbles View Post

                Am I the only one excited by the prospect of reusing all of my old packaging?
                Not at all I think we must be very sad - but green!! Another way to describe it is re-purposed packaging!
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                  Combination of being green and I hope I didn't pay too much for packaging...

                  I don't mind it being reused, but I get annoyed with ebay sellers that send packages in an old envelope, with maybe 50p of postage on it, a scrap of bubble wrap (if anything) and then charge me £5 for the privilege....

                  As long as the packaging is proportionate to the postage costs, then I don't mind at all.
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                    Hmm.. tricky old subject this but there is some good food for thought on this thread. I guess if P+P is pretty cheap they wont mind too much.... and maybe if you've put a note on your website and then in with the package telling them you are making an effort to recycle it would help. I think that, while your intentions are good, there is also a certain element of 'presentation standards' in the packages you send out as a business (i.e. the old saying about 'first impression count' and all that). So maybe the compromise is that its ok to recycle clean bubble wrap or tissue paper but perhaps not to use battered old jiffy bags... that way you are making your contribution to being green but not giving your customers a possibly detrimental impression ?



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                      ....I have no problem receiving something in re-used packaging. I try to -re-use the packaging again if I can. All ways re-used when I sold on eBay.

                      I often get products from Lush, as I don't live near a store, and their stuff comes in small recycled cardboard boxes which I can use again. It's filled with popcorn for spacers, and tied with recycled twine. Well worth paying their very low P&P charges for!


                      PS The popcorn goes either into the compost bin, or on the garden for the birds!
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                        I say everything within reason. I always try and recycle but it can be tricky with dolls as part of the presentation is the packaging! but where I can i recylce and I never mind about recieving stuff in recycled packaging as long as the item is clean and as well protected as it can be.


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                          We get a lot of small jiffy bags from places like play and 7day shop (they package everything up seperate so no additional custom charges and when you've placed a large order we get upto 13 small jiffy bags - revenge on the postlady (who is lovely by the way!)) so I reuse these as long as they are ok to do so.

                          The orginal postage label peels off ok and I use a printed address sticker and make sure its all secure.

                          But I don't charge p&p on my website so its the cheapest way for me.

                          I've used this method for all I've sent out and I do get repeat orders so it must be ok.

                          But fab thread by the way!! (green smileys too!)


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                            Yep, I agree with it all! The main thing is the parcel's obviously been wrapped carefully & securely enough for it to withstand its journey

                            Great idea to state the fact that, wherever possible, you'll use selected clean packaging to recycle - on your website and inside your parcel in case theyve forgot or didnt read it in the first place

                            I can see the point about postal charges too though so I guess thats something to think about in case anything needs to be repriced accordingly

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                              I'm another person who recycles packing materials. I keep anything that I think I can reuse in a bag in my cupboard under the stairs including cardboard, tissue paper and bubblewrap, and when I need to post an item I have a rummage to see if I have anything suitable.

                              Unlike some Ebay sellers, I don't charge the earth for Post and Packing therefore reusing boxes and bags is cost effective. Doesn't bother me to receive items in reused packaging either providing the items are well-wrapped.