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  • Oblique dip pen

    Not sure where to put this, so put it here.
    Here's something I'd like to put to the calligraphers out there, I've made a few dip pens and have experimented with my first oblique one and now I've made a second one but a little bit different, instead of gluing in the holder I've made it so the oblique slides into the end so that it can be either an ordinary pen or oblique one, (if that makes any sense to anyone). Now do I have a solution to a problem that doesn't exist or could it be just what someone is looking for. The photos are of the said pen, ignore the materials or shape, it's purely experimental at this stage. Looking forward to reading the replies about the idea, good or bad.
    dip pen testing (4).jpgdip pen testing (1).jpg

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    Nice job, I do like the design of these but sorry can't help with your design decision its something I know nothing about
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