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alternatives to decals on MDF wood

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  • alternatives to decals on MDF wood

    Are there any alternatives to decals for applying printed images to MDF wood? My designs have white within them and I recently painted someof the mdf surface white and attempted an image transfer prcess using a laser printed design but the design does not adhere to the paint. I also tried a waterslide decal and that too doesn't adhere to the paint as it is not smooth all over.

    Therefore If i were not to paint the mdf wood and leave it natural is there any other alternatives to get a printed design placed onto wood? My designs have white within them so I would need to find either some sort of white strong adhesive backing to first apply over the mdf then apply my design as a decal or clear print so as the whites of my design show through but I'm at a loss as to what can be used. I can't seem find anything on the market the offers a strong long term adhesion to wood and that can be directly printed onto. I've been sent various samples from companies of printed tear free paper and other printable media that can be printed with an inkjet printer then be applied to wood but none work as they simply can just be peeled off. I'm hoping there might be somethign out there that can work.

    I recently put the link below in another post in the hope someone could say what is being used asbelow looks like something that could work. a_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=godfather%20ph oto%20frame&ref=sr_gallery-1-44

    I hope someone can offer some help.

    thank you