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Scrapbook Page Protectors,advice please!

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  • Scrapbook Page Protectors,advice please!


    I've started creating scrapbook with details in my memory boxes and I'm slowly finding I do actually have some creatveness hidden in my skills-set!

    I'm using a 6 x 6 spiral-bound black scrapbook and I'm looking to see how I could protect my pages. I can see there are clear page protectors but they seem only for books with 2 or 3 punches holes, like office files are in a ring binder.
    However my book would need side only with no punch holes. Are they availble to buy?

    I bought my 6 x 6 from hobby craft and since then I've other scrapbooks (2 other memory boxes) which are all ready to insert scrapbook pages when ready and complete to file. Perhaps on hindsight I purchased the wrong kind of book to add page protectors?

    Now because I've impressed myself I've already purchased 2 other 6 x 6 spiral-bound, namely as 12 x 12 seems too big for my arthritic hands to cope with. I've also seen (in the range) what seems more common scrapbooks that are empty and designed to add pages with holepunched pages. I've watched videos and see most scrapbookers in USA only scrapbook this way?

    I guess I could buy side page protectors and cut off the left side with holes..i searched and originally thought that the ones with punch holes have perferators where you can adapt for spiral or ready bounced albums/books, to remove the left edge.

    I'd really appreciate your thought/recommendation so I can protect my work.
    Thanks so much,
    Thanks so much,


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    I think you bought a traditional scrapbook which does not enable plastic protectors. Sorry


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