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Couple of laser cutter questions

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  • Couple of laser cutter questions

    I'm looking to design and cut my own wedding invitations. I need a laser cutter I'm assuming, but also it'd be great if afterwards I could use the same machine to engrave wood. I'm thinking it could be used for branding on wooden gifts (boxes etc.).

    Any ideas on which machine would be best? Using it afterwards for wood engraving is only a bonus, I don't want to pay a lot more in addition - the invitations are the priority.

    Any advice very much appreciated

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    it depends if you have any experience in laser cutters or are just starting out. I was looking into laser cutters and also cnc routers and to be honest in my opinion after doing much research, branding on wodden boxes is better done with a cnc router than laser engraver and cutting wedding cards is better done with a laser engraver.

    I looked into various models and realised most of both laser and cnc machines that are priced under £1000 are chinese manufacturered and offer little after service. There are no details on where to by parts for example if the laser went and how to replace. For either you need a great amount of after care from the brand or distributor if buying new or at least if buying a 2nd hand branded machine can purchase additional parts should anything break down. One of the most important things to consider is the cutting time for laser engravers. There are some on the market priced at £100-£200 and they seem like a great investment until you read that it can take over an hour to make a semi detailed 8cm x 8cm design and many cheap machines recommed turning off every 30 minutes to save the life of the laser so bare this in mind for lower end laser machines.
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