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Ikea Ribba frames - anyone use them?

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  • Ikea Ribba frames - anyone use them?

    I've been buying Ribba frames as I normally use the 23cm x 23cm style and my normal buying habits tend to be using amazon or ebay formost purchases. Not sure why but I suppose it's that fact I like to pay with paypal and havn't had any issues with current sellers on these sites.

    When recently viewing the Ikea website for something I came across Ribba frames at approx £3.95 and I've been buying them on ebay for around £9.00. Sales of these frames are in the thousands on ebay so customers are doing the same. Is this because Ikea charges an excessive amount for postage that it works out the same or are sellers on ebay just buying massive quanities that they can offer these for sale. I obviously understand that postage has to be considered so after this the actual profit margin would be quite small.

    I'm looking to up my stock levels on these frames due to demand and wondering if it's just best going direct to Ikea and buying in bulk? I've had sellers on ebay offering reduced prices for larger amounts so not sure what the best deal is in terms of going direct or sticking with ebay as I'm sure Ikea don't do discounts on bulk orders.

    Would like to hear from others on here what you do?

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    Ikea charge £7.50 for up to 25kg. Work out how much each frame weighs, if you are buying a lot of them I would have thought would be cheaper to buy direct.


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      I won’t use Ikea frames because the quality isn’t there although many or most paper cutters do. The reason being, the mdf mulch they are made from is not very dense. When I’ve mounted and framed, I always tape the back up withbframers tape...won’t stick to the rough finish at the back, also, I don’t use the hanger, I use rings and string...even just screwing in a small screw splits the wood. I don’t get this with Hobby C frames. More expensive but much better quality, more dense wood, no splitting, smooth finish....just depends what quality you want and whats going in them...for me, the back has to look as good as the front.
      If you want a better alternative plus bulk try the Banana shed Framing company.



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        I suppose it depends on your end price and what these are needed for. Online these tend to be the go to frams for most sellers selling frames under £30.00. I see different feedback regarding different sized Ikea ribba frames but for thoese that are 23 x 23 I've found these to be better then other deep box frames used although from a framers perpsective they would see faults in the finish and the way the deep box has been constructed. I've bought lots of sample frames online from different suppliers and for squar frames I feel ikea are best for my requirements.