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'Black Panther': The Marvel superhero is different from the Marvel

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  • 'Black Panther': The Marvel superhero is different from the Marvel

    The new film Marvel Cinema (MCU) brings a new perspective on the Black Continent, the same content refers to many historical and social issues not seen in the same type.
    'Black Panther' starlet sends New Year wishes to Vietnamese audience The stars of super hero blockbuster "Black Panther" wish Vietnamese audiences a happy new year.
    Genre : Action, Fantasy, Superhero
    Director : Ryan Coogler
    Cast : Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyongoo, Michael B. Jordan Rating : 8/10

    'Black Panther': A Different Kind of Marvel Appearance
    Black Panther is the 18th work of the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU).
    Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, the Black Panther is one of the world's first color-coded superheroes, appearing years before other prominent figures. Falcon (1969), Luke Cage (1972), John Stewart (1971) and Blade (1973) respectively.

    Black Panther is actually not a specific character, but rather a title for the reigning kings of Wakanda - a fantasy kingdom in Africa. Wakanda has a long civilization, and has a modern science-based platform that goes far beyond the outside world by researching and applying vibranium.

    Alien metal with many transcendent properties exists in giant meteorites falling to the land of Wakanda from ancient times, making the kingdom become the target of many powerful forces. Giving power and wisdom from the god Bast, the Black Panther successively governed and defended the homeland.

    Over time, the Black Panther teamed up with several superhero groups such as the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, or the X-Men to join hands against the common enemy group, thereby protecting Wakanda in particular, and the Earth in general.

    The most famous Black Panther is T'Challa, the current king of Wakanda. On the big screen, he appeared as a supporting character on the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War (2016) . After an impressive salute and a lot of love from the audience, this character has a private episode, officially opened in 2018 for the Marvel Cinema (MCU).

    Reflect the ideals of humanity beyond the good-evil model
    The Black Panther movie follows the events of Captain America: Civil War . After the death of his father, T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returned to his homeland to attend the ceremony, inheriting the throne. Through the traditional challenge, he officially became the new king of Wakanda.

    At the same time, Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis), a smuggler who has appeared in the Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), has launched a robbery from vibranium at the British Museum.

    In the past, Klaue had a debt of blood to Wakanda when he stole a large amount of vibranium, causing many people to die. Discovering the fate of the enemy, T'Challa is determined to catch Klaue and summon him at an illegal trading in Korea.

    Surprise occurs when Ulysses Klaue is a secret ally rescue. Later, T'Challa discovers that the whole thing lies in the plan of an exile who intends to take over the kingdom and threaten the peace of both Wakanda and the whole world.

    'Black Panther': The other side of the Marvel scene
    Overall, the Black Panther possesses a relatively simple, easy-to-grasp plot with a clear goal: the journey becomes the true king of the T'Challa. The story line occurs linearly with specific events occurring sequentially, without hiding any knots or secrets that are difficult to understand.

    However, the Black Panther not only carries the usual evil genre as the majority of works of the same genre. Telling the story of a dark-skinned superhero, and at the same time as the king of an African nation, the film wants to address a great deal of macro-historical, social, and third world affairs. .

    These are racist, imperialist imperialism, seclusion, and seclusion. They make each character in his or her mind a different ideology and ideology, and thus create conflicts for the whole. movie.

    The villain in the film not only possesses ambition simply as money or power, but also the radical ideal that comes from the historical reality, the grim society.

    That gives the Black Panther greater depth of thought than many movies of the same genre. The motives of the extremist characters still have a certain rationality, can be sympathetic by "the circumstances create man."

    This is a unique feature that may be just a pure color work like the Black Panther , from the context, character, director and cast, to be able to convey to the mass audience.

    A new look on the dark continent
    There are many cinematic works in the context of the Black Continent, in which Africa appears with a negative outlook, with poverty, with political and social instability. a military or ethnic conflict. But everything changed completely in the Black Panther.

    Although a fantasy country, Wakanda is built quite close to reality. Directed by Ryan Coogler gives the audience a panoramic and detailed view of African countries, from historical backgrounds, social structures, to traditional customs, traditional culture, science and technology. Everything is very animated, creating a high sense of authenticity.

    Many features of African culture in real life are combined with sophistication and harmony with a series of creative fiction. There are no dry deserts, constant turmoil and conflicts causing hunger, chaos, Wakanda shows up with a majestic, serene and shady nature.

    The Wakanda Society coexists with traditional values, conforms to traditional traditions dating back to the ancient times, along with cutting-edge technology. There are nomadic tribes with simple cottages, colorful traditional costumes, and warriors protecting the country with spears. There are still challenges to affirm the authority and honor the leader of the whole nation. There is an everlasting belief in the divine and the ancestors bless.

    'Black Panther': The other side of the Marvel scene
    In the modern world, that traditional value chain is not one. They are improved, maintained in the positive direction of science and technology. Audiences will enjoy the opportunity to experience a full black continent. Africa is vibrant, fresh, full of life, not inferior to any territory or culture on the screen.

    Contributing to the impressive world scene is the production design, filming, costume design and sound quality. Black Panther owns many beautiful frames, re-imagining the majestic nature, and unique architectural series. The characters look completely different with the brilliant, eye-catching, but still harmonious, subtle.

    The music of the film is diverse when combining talent between traditional folk tones with hip hop style modern. All help create a very specific feel for the work.

    Overall, Black Panther has succeeded in building an impressive and memorable world scene. Compared to other fantasy locations like Asgard in the Thor series or galaxies, the distant planet of the Guardians of the Galaxy series , Wakanda is even more prominent.

    Acting quality and evenly
    The Black Panther film has a nearly equal cast of young actors. They give a certain impression to their character. Each face in the film has a unique look, personality, ideal, not duplicate or faint compared to the whole.

    From the skilful villain Erik "Killmonger" Stevens (Michael B. Jordan) to the loyal Okoye Royal Guard (Danai Gurira), or the shrewd little princess Shuri (Letitia Wright) , naughty and loving brother, all leave their own mark.

    Ironically, the protagonist of the Black Panther, the T'Challa hero, is somewhat more inferior to the supporting characters. The character and acting of Chadwick Boseman is monotonous, not rich enough.

    'Black Panther': A Different Kind of Marvel Appearance
    The action of the Black Panther is not much and is less impressive than other MCU movies. But they still ensure high entertainment with creative features quite interesting by applying the transcendent ability of the metal vibranium into the traditional duo battle.

    In addition to many praiseworthy, Black Panther still exist some points except somewhat regrettable. The film deals with many macro ideals, laying the foundation for conflict between characters. But most of them just stopped at the surface.

    Audiences can understand the racist and imperialist ideals that created the extreme psychology of Killmonger, or the seclusion of the Wakanda kings. But the movie lacks the details that clearly show it. As a consequence, the problems in the film are fuzzy, not a strong motivation, convincing the group of action.

    There is no obvious grounding in conflicting character development that is lacking in proper construction, especially the villain Killmonger. From the beginning to the end, he is only depicted as a madman with extremist psychology, with a mind of technological strength to overthrow the other nations, the illusion of a day of the sun never setting on the empire. Wakanda.

    But due to having to share the land with the other villains, Erik Killmonger did not have enough time to develop psychological, background situation. That makes his ideal is superficial. It is a pity that circumstances and characters can be more profound and convincing, helping Killmonger become a powerful counterweight to T'Challa's humanitarian ideals.

    Black Panther also had a problem with the tempo when the film needed to divide the duration of the multiple lines of the villain, causing the film circuit to loosen up in the middle. Meanwhile, the conflict and the climax at the end of the film took place quite quickly.

    Overall, the Black Panther is a new breakthrough, distinct from the MCU. Not only has it chosen as a heroic skin color, it also honors the values ​​and spirit of the Black Continent with a new perspective. Although there are still some limitations, this is a solid stepping stone for MCUs to be brave to deliver next-generation innovations in the near future.

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    I really love the story and graphics of black panther.


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      It was a cool film.