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are there any companies or anyone on here that can offer laser printing of my images?

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  • are there any companies or anyone on here that can offer laser printing of my images?

    I pretty much use inkjets for most prints but am looking into possibly buying a laser printer depending on whether it can work for some image transfers onto wood that I'm trying to make. I don't want to go ahead and buy a nice laser printer if it doesn't work so wanted to have my prints outsourced for the time being until I feel the image transfer process works and my items are selling.

    Can anyone recommend a company that does A4 laser prints or is there anyone on here that can offer laser printing (obbviously for payment). I just want standard plain A4 paper prints. The thinner the paper the better from what I understand as it is easier to transfer to wood.

    That is unless anyone knows of better ways to transfer prints to wood thanusing the likes of mod posdge or liquitex transfer medium gel. My wood is painted white so wanting to transfer designs onto this.

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    Lol, hello, it seems like I am stalking you but I promise I'm not

    I have a black and white laser printer and I have recently played with transferring prints on to ply as my daughter, who also has a laser printer has these pens that you lay the print down and scrub all over it and it transfers onto her leather etc..

    So I thought I would have a go as my husband has a big bottle of acetone. Easy, I printed out the image, laid it flat, used a rag and dipped in acetone and rubbed it down all over. Did a good job, great way also for template use. I forgot the first time to flip the image on the pc but the first print reminded me to do it

    Just as a side note the white doesn't print in case you were wondering, you would paint the wood white first.
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      This was my first piece (intend to cut it out with my new saw) but you can see the potential...and where I didn't rub hard enough.
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        Originally posted by Chriscella View Post
        Lol, hello, it seems like I am stalking you but I promise I'm not
        thats ok lol. I'd rather have replies than my posts go unanswered. Good to hear you managed to do an image transfer on wood. I've tried lots of ways except the method I see online whereby people use mod podge and medium transfer gels to fix the laser paper print to wood then rub it off. In all honesty it seems like a really long way of doing it and something I wanted to avoid as I already have to prime 7 paint the wood before doing anything and that takes 2 days from painting and drying time.

        I have to take into consideration the paint time and image transfer time so by the time I come to sell these based on if the end result is professional enough then I'm not sure it's going to work out that profitable so really on the look out for quicker methods than laser image transfer and the fact I have white in my designs means it's a little harder.

        I've heat printed transfers directly onto wood and they come out perfect but show no white and if printing on mdf all colours will come out that much darker. I can't heat print onto white paint as the paint will melt and in turn affect the print so that's out the question. There is sublimation printing which is still fairly alien to me. I would need to buy sublimation wood blocks that have a special coating on top and that would allow me to do prints with white but I would need a new printer and get to grips with a whole new print set up as still don't really understand sublimation.


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          Find someone local that do colour photocopying, (photocopiers are laser printers) our town hall will do an A4 colour copy for 15p. If you want to transfer using inkjet then Steve Ramsey on youtube has a good method, just google Steve Ramsey pattern transfer, there are others as well.


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            many thanks for the reply. I had come across Steven Ramsey's image transfer. It's fine for something personal but for doing this to sell on my products, I'd be a little worried about that process as it's hard to get an even image applied and also getting it perfectly straight each time.