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what to use on the back of mdf signs to protect and hid paint?

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  • what to use on the back of mdf signs to protect and hid paint?

    I've recently finished my first set of MDF block printed signs. They are quite thick 25mm and took some time to prime then paint but because i'm fairly new to painting i made a bit of a mess. I originally laid plain sheets of paper under the mdf while painting and due to painting with 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of actual paint, once dry the paper has become stuck to the back of the mdf. Itis rigid so i was able to pull away most of the paper from the centre but there is paint and paper stuck fast around the edge creating an uneven border of about 1cm-2cm inwards all the way around the back. I've tried sanding it and also using something sharp to remove what i can but due it being mdf wood it's fairly delicate and I'm left with an unsightly back to the sign and cannot sell them in this state.

    I purchased some plain black felt sticky sheets as had never ordered this before to see if i could lay this onto the back and make it appear a little more presentable but the roll arrived folded in the post and there are creases all over the felt so it would look just as bad sticking this to the back. Added to that i'm not even sure how long the sticky backing of the felt would last. Doesn't seem as strong as i thought.

    What i should have done was use frog tape to cover the back edges of the mdf and will do this in future so won't have to face this problem again but for the moment can anyone recommend a way to hide the paint on edges at the back. The sign measures 24cm x 18cm. I am also placing circular keyhole hangers on either side of centre of the back so whatever is placed onto the back I need to be able to drill a 3cm hole through.

    thanks for any help in advance.

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    Hobbycraft sell a good quality felt in A4 sheets, which is delivered flat. Apply with glue such as Gutermann HT2. Then trim the excess felt when dry.


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      Have you tried gently ironing the felt you have on a low heat? Try a small piece and see what happens. You could put glue on the MDF and then it would stick better with the glue its got and the extra glue.


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        thanks Caroline. I should have purchased this in A4 rather than by the roll. I didn't realise they sold A4 so that will be ideal for the future.

        Would it be best to purchase the adhesive backed sheets and that would be strong enough to stick to the mdf or would it be best to buy the felt sheets without adhesive and just use glue. Gutermann mentions its textile glue so not sure if that would hold on the mdf. Would gorilla glue be suitable?


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          Also just to add to the above...

          does anyone know good ways to hang an mdf block that measures 24cm x 18cm (25mm depth). The sign blocks I have made also feature a small clothes hanger at the bottom and are supposed to be used as a dog lead hanger so it won't have anything heavy although it could be used as a general coat hanger depending on customers preference, therefore I need a way of hanging these so they are sturdy and flush on a wall.

          The only thing I can think of using is 2 x circular keyhole hangers either side towards top corners but I've always had issues with these in the past when having purchased something similar, whereby trying to get the nails on a wall in line with the keyholes to hang it can be challenging so trying to make things easier for customers aswell as easier for myself since these are taking some time to make.

          Does anyone has better ideas than this?


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            HT2 sticks fabric to anything


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              When I do key or dog lead racks I drill two holes so that it can be screwed to the wall by the purchaser.


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                could you give a little more info as to your method. I've purchased a 3cm bore drill bit to drill 2 circular holes at the top of the box and then screw 2 circular keyhole hangers in either side towards the top but it's all taking a little too long. I'd love to find a simpler solution.

                What sort of size holes do you make as my issue with a dog lead hanger is that although the lead is light, the actual MDF block needs to be fairly secure just incase anything heavier was put on the hanger. I don't really want the mdf to move each time it's touched which is why I thought keyhole hangers either side was the best option as it's a little more ridg on the wall but maybe there are better methods out there and a little easier to do. If I could lessen the work I have to do my end this would be great.
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                  What about including 2 of those strip hangers that when you remove them they come away cleanly, You can get ones that take a bit of weight. no work for you, less DIY for the customer..


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                    I can't seem to find the strip hangers you mention. I see something with a sticky backing when typing in strip hangers but not sure this would be suitable for a large-ish MDF block, although I could be looking at completely the wrong thing.


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                      I drill a 4mm hole and then countersink it.key rack (2).jpg


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                        Or an alternative, I have a key hanger and it is held up with two (better quality) of these:


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                          These what I mean