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Fabric Printing at Home - Advice Needed

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  • Fabric Printing at Home - Advice Needed

    I am looking to branch out and print some of my designs onto clothing and tote bags. I would be incredibly grateful if anyone has advice as to where to begin looking for a printer that would be the best option, whilst being on budget for a start out (no more than £250).

    The questions that I am asking at the moment are:
    • Is it better to print laser or ink jet
    • Is there the option to print direct onto an item rather than heat transfer
    • Is there the option for a printer than also would print high resolution cards and on other materials at this budget
    • Would this be the best option
    • What would be the best inks

    I appreciate that this is asking a lot - so basically just some general thoughts or experience to help with where I can begin my hunt, would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I buy inkjet washable cotton form the US (as cheaper) and print on a HP Envy. To print direct you would need a larger machine more of a printing press or screen printing. You can buy a Design jet but they start at £1800.


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      Thank you so much for your response. I seem to be struggling to find home print options, which is a shame. We have a very small budget so it £1800 is out of the window atm. I'll just have to read into how high quality it is to print on something then heat transfer it to the item.


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        If you use something like this Threads ink jet fabric, I am not allowed to post links but if you search that you should find them.
        They say you can use any ink jet printer. The results are washable and colour resistant. You can sew/glue or what ever you chose these A4 sheets to your work.

        The best way to get good results is to make make sure you start with a good image and use the highest resolutions you can. Remember GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out)
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          Pretty much anything you need to know is answer in this printer guide for fabric printing.

          If you have specific questions not answered just let me know I may be able to help.