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    There have been lots of postings here about Tuggle. I have shared my views in an honest and open way. This however has not been taken well by Jasmyne who has at long last managed to get an e mail through to me to tell me that she has closed my shop as she doesn't like me posting on open forums.
    I was under the impression that we had freedom of speech in this country, however it would appear not!
    Please be careful as I would hate it if any of you suffered the same fate and lost money through it.
    I have pondered for the last couple of days whether I should just stop using the forum but have decided that I have too many friends here to pull out and I don't see why she has the right to stop anyone from having a personal opinion.
    Please take care all of you.

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    I'm sorry but from what I've heard about the site I think your better off out of it. If there was no truth to what you have said in your postings, why hasn't she been here and defended herself instead of closing your shop.
    I have heard a lot about e-mails not anserwd and slow web site I think for what was being paid more should have been done. IMO
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      Wow, I'm quite shocked at such a reaction. I dont have anything on Tuggle or anywhere else for that matter so know nothing about any of it but, if any negative opinions are ever expressed by anybody about anything, there's bound to be something at the heart of them. Irrespective of whether it was a problem faced just by that person or not

      You'd imagine grown ups run such things? Cant imagine that young Etsy dude we watched on Martha Stewart reacting the same way?

      But hey, she either keeps customers or loses them, there'll always be other places

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        I've just had a quick look at your previous posts ezzyam and as far as I can see you've simply posted your opinion based on your experiences - nowt wrong with that imho. Maybe your emails don't get answered because they are too busy trawling forums to see if anyone has posted anything negative about them
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          Felt compelled to do a thread search on Tuggle, seems to me that more than one critical opinion should warrant an apology from them and assurances to do better in the future, not booting certain customers out?...


          Shaz x
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          & Rossendale Ramblings!

          Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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            The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.


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              'The Tuggle people should really spend more time sorting out their communication with the people who pay their wages and less time looking for innocent people who they can take it out on'

              PS I can say what i like.... i'm one of those strange beings who have no Children so i'm not even on their radar!!
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                You know how I feel hun. And it seems that others agree -
                So unfair
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                  How great are they at promoting their site? well, i sure as hell wont be using the mighty tuggle!!!!!!

                  And lets be honest, if the site was that great there would be no need for complaints!

                  your better off without

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                    I`m glad you decided not to leave the forum, Penny. That would have been very sad, indeed.

                    Take Care



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                      Well they never even answered my e-mail that I sent with pic's of my work.I have mailed them 3 times asking for a answer of if they wanted to carry my work or not.Now I wouldn't put my work on there site if it was the only selling site online. I had reservations anyway when I read about how they treated there sellers.Let me say it's not just this forum I have heard bad thing about Tuggle. Other forms also have bad fills about them. If they would spend more time answering there e-mails and less time reading the forms they wouldn't have anything to worry about. Also if the things that were said were not true why didn't they come out of the shadows and take up for themselves.
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                        Well I have finally made up MY mind about selling on Tuggle! I aint gonna!
                        I can't believe their mentality. They come across as something exlusive and special, upmarket even, but if they want to keep their reputation they need to listen to criticism and act on it positively.

                        So glad you didn't leave the forum Penny. I reckon you will gain more from being a forum member than being a "Tuggler"!
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                          So tuggle guys read this forum then ? ??

                          I've invited them to the forum to answer the concerns you guys have but no got a anwser back..

                          I've also emailed them about their web issuses, trying to help but nothing back.. Ah well..

                          Tuggle do advertise on google for my brand "ukcraftwebsites" LOL.. ah well..

                          Giving up the forum ?

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                            Well it seams to me (and I don't have anything to do with tuggle!) that it is a sorry day when people are bullied for expressing an opinion in an open forum. Surely thats what a forum is for?


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                              Crafting is something we put our heart and soul into. It's based around the HONEST hard work and creativity. You're better off out penny! I'm glad you chose the forum!

                              Love LittleGems x