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  • My desk!

    I said i'd post a picture of my messy work area when JBJB linked us to her lovely sewing room a while back. It's small but I love it

    You can click the image to see a bigger pic. - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories

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    Now I don't call that messy at all - you ought to see my workspace - okay it's the kitchen but what a mess - it really isn't a place for cooking anymore unless it's wax!!!


    Lovely tidy room.


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      Sitting here laughing if you are saying that's messy. At the last count I had at least 7 open boxes strewn all over the floor to try and find some missing roses....
      Incy I need at least 2 weeks notice if you ever want to pop in for a coffee. HE HE


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        I saw the pic earlier when I went on your blog!

        My workspace is the dining room table, 2 of the chairs and some of the floor round it!! And that is tidy!!

        The boys are really good as they don't touch anything - even when I have my big ribbon box open and lying on the floor!!


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          That looks perfectly neat and organised to me...I'm too ashamed to show you my 'craft zone'!
          Love LittleGems x


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            Messy?! I think I have perfected messiness!! That desk looks positively tidy and organised!
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              I have to keep it tidy as it's Em's play room too. At night once she's in bed I go onto the floor and spread out
              I just wish I had enough room to keep my sewing machine out all the time, as I seem to spend half my life setting it up then packing it away again!!
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                Thats so tidy! My living room becomes my craft space. On about the 4th evening of crafting my other half starts to get annoyed with the bits of paper etc all over the palce then approx every 10 days I'm forced to clear it all up and start from tidy again!


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                  Messy?? I don't have the vocabulary for the state of my craft room LOL. Your space looks wonderful Incy. Shelving is what I need, you probably have as much stuff in a small space as I have in a big unwieldy place.
                  Thanks for sharing


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                    I wish i could compact my stuff into two areas and make it look really neat like yours incy. My stuff is in a large summer house, area under the stairs, felting stuff all over the dinning room table and half of the spare bedroom, including under the bed! This is hubby!

                    I love working from home, but its filled the house. We've got the house up for sale at the moment for a bigger house.... i wounder why! The market isnt great, so were now thinking of having a extension. Iv started hiding parcels from hubby!
                    x Maria



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                      It looks very cosy under them stairs Sam!

                      Very organised too, oh the wonder of shelving

                      Mine's the "open boxes" scenario too - I do my work in the living room and just open all my various storage boxes and dot them about the floor around me - nice and easy to just put the lids back on again & put em away though - but if I'm making again the next day, it all just stays where it is - and my Missy cat steals ribbons from the ribbon box

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                        And I thought my work space was small!! How do you produce so much fab stuff from your little - very tidy - cubby hole?! :0)
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                          Originally posted by ethel&edna View Post
                          How do you produce so much fab stuff from your little - very tidy - cubby hole?! :0)
                          She's a borrower!
                          incy wincy tiny!
                          Av xx
                          Sprinkles Sparkles


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                            Originally posted by Sprinkles View Post
                            She's a borrower!
                            incy wincy tiny!
                            Yes I am! Can you not see me sitting on the middle shelf with all my threads
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