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    There is a site LIKEFORLIKE which will help you in getting likes on your preferred page, try it you will be glad.


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      I guess, it's hard to get likes without paying money. maybe it is possible to ask your customers to do this if they are pleased with the result.


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        Hi, sorry Iv been absent for a while
        Facebook has changed its alithogram again so it is even harder to be seen. As some of the others have said above you want good honest likes and followers that you will pick up naturally over time.
        Do you know your target audience? Mine is on Facebook although I do use all social media but for different reasons. I'm not sure my middle age target audience uses Instagram. This is why I say know your customers. As said above don't post your sales page every day but every third day, try and mix things up by adding value, videos, quotes, things like that
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          I'd recommend you not to use bots or automatic systems (that's prohibited on many sites including facebook) and rely on your customers reviews. Also you can post some wips (maybe 1-2 per a week) of your crafting process.
          Never give up. Better finished than perfect.
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