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    Hi Everyone,

    i haven't been been on for a while, as I have been a bit busy. I got married in May 2015 and found out I was pregnant in October 2015. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on 12th June 2016. Jamie Spencer Bradford weighing 10lb 11oz.

    I have a Facebook page called 'Hand Made Stuff by Susan Bradford'. In the new year I am planning to move to a new house and plan to sell my crafts to make a bit of spending money.

    How do you get more likes on your Facebook page without spending money and has anyone sold crafts from there Facebook page?

    I'm looking to making wedding stationery, including bunting etc.

    i was also thinking of doing a competition for getting people to share and like my page, but not sure how to go about this or even if I am allowed to?
    Susan Bradford

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    Hello Sue, welcome back and congratulations on your marriage and the birth of your son.

    Sorry I can't answer your questions about facebook - although I have a page it's purely for contacting friends in the absence of other options and I don't have a clue about all the technical stuff.



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      Welcome back Sue and congratulations. I use FB for business but have never asked for likes but tend to pick up followers through other business groups. Never done give always as FB has a lot of rules for this now in place, so check carefully. My sales are done at fairs or through my website. Do get bespoke requests through FB though and blogging is also a good place as google picks up images from my blog quicker.


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        It doesn't give the right impression when you say you want to sell your crafts to make a bit if spending money. To sell stuff o fb use the local seller groups and with likes people almost spam out likes one after another even if they don't like stuff.
        You could put your stuff on Etsy or Folksy and try odd little community style markets and small events which are good for networking and showing the world what you can do


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          Hi Sue, my experience is that FB is massively over egged as to its importance for what you intend. I'm a Trustee for a local charity preventing homelessness in young people and we use FB for communications. We regularly have 1500 views and shares on our posts but rarely get any response to requests for help when we have events on. People seem to think that pressing the like or share buttons is supporting the charity. Its the same for our business FB page,with lots of likes from a regular group of followers but rarely any sales. As said above you'd be best promoting your business through personal contact at local events and if that leads to more FB likes then all well and good. Quality is better than quantity as far as customers are concerned.

          Best thing about FB is that I can video call my daughter and baby grandson living in Mexico free of charge!

          Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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            I have never had any sales from my Facebook page but its still young yet. I don't sell on their but link to my Etsy page. I know you said free way to get more likes but i have used their advertising on FB and it does work. It was about £13 for the week and i got about 20 likes each time.
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              I have been on facebook for years. I paid for likes and also got lots of real likes. In years I have had a couple of sales through facebook, but nothing to shout about. It is good to show what you have, but that is about it. You need something where others can join in other stuff rather than JUST trying to sell on facebook. It will never work unless you have something really special everyone wants.
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                I think most use FB to be seen then link across to Etsy. You might get likes on FB but then people unfollow you because they don't want their feed full of craft stuff when they have mates posting pictures of getting drunk they would rather see instead...they either unfollow or unlike!
                Likes without followers is pointless in my opinion, Instagram is a much better direction but you have to post, tag, comment continually to sell yourself. A lot prefer IG to FB.



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                  Congratulations, such an eventful couple of years for you.

                  Have you tried to partner with other FaceBook pages such as charities and other crafty people?


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                    First of all, the content of your facebook page is really important - diversity is the key here. Try posting videos once in a while (even if they are not yours) and pictures. Also being regular is a good thing - posting few posts (2 or more) a day during the best facebook-browsing hours could really help you increase the range of your posts. Asking for likes may not be the best option, since those could be just "empty" likes - from the people that are not interested in your page content.


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                      A lot will "Like" your page but then "Unfollow" to stop it blocking up their feed as they do with probably most that they add a like to which is a bit pointless really, the ones that really get me mad are the ones that like then unlike again straight away....grrr..Instagram is much less grief.



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                        Congratulations,I also have been on facebook for years


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                          I try to get like naturally by posting interesting content. I ask my close friends to like and share my page


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                            I've had a FB page for a few years and it has yet to generate any sales. I used to have a website up until few days ago but that had never generated so much as an enquiry so I've deleted it. I had a link to my website from my FB page but in nearly 4 years there has never been one click on it which also contributed to the decision to delete it. It was a free site and available on Google but I got to the stage I couldn't be bothered to maintain or update it as clearly no-one was interested. I have a 'please like us on Facebook' plea on my business cards, one of which goes with every sale but I've only managed 60 likes in nearly 4 years so the FB page will be going the same way as the website at the end of the year.


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                              Hi there,
                              If you need to get more likes on your page you may use Facebook promotions.