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Is it worth doing craft fairs this early in the year

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  • Is it worth doing craft fairs this early in the year

    Does anyone do craft fairs this time of year? or is it a complete waste of time.
    Comments please


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    We have tried craft fairs at this time of year but never with any great sucess. Too soon after Christmas i think
    Mike (Jo\'s little helper)


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      what's fashionable in crafts now? any ideas?


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        I wouldn't bother,,,, but....

        I'd highly doubt anything at this point in time is worth it.


        very affordable to rent the space

        that being a avenue to 'network' and have the mindset of
        promoting and not necessarily sales.

        You could have with you give away info on upcoming confirmed shows you'll be at, your website, shoppes that carry your work,
        plug plug plug....

        I find craft shows fairly weak in the money making department --but key in promotion... you have your work there in person, chat it up with potential customers...and you make sure they leave with something of yours in their hot little hands... business card, freebie, flyer...something.

        To get back to your original question... with the financial hangover many
        experience after the holidays buying a craft or piece of art is low on the list.


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          I did an Easter Craft Fair last year but wish I'd not bothered. There were many people looking round but no-one was spending any money. I think I just about covered the stall cost with a few sales :roll:

          I've tried Craft Fairs in different seasons and it's always the Christmas ones which are more successful.



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            well i think it makes sense to have a craft fair at this time because card makers have the whole year to buy stuff from - maybe just a card making supplies one...

            but that could be a complete waste of time i dont really know - but i would go!!! im lucky to get one every 2 years where i am!!!
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              I've been doing Sunday morning markets, it's £15 stall rent against the £40 for craft fairs, and all I'm doing is advertising - if I get the stall rent back it's a bonus! If I get 20 leaflets out I'm happy, maybe they'll come back when it's warmer! :lol:


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                I've got a 2 day fair booked for 18-19th Feb which is nearly upon us, so I will et you know how I get on...... :?

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