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Last minute Mother's Day!

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  • Last minute Mother's Day!

    Anyone else out there left it all a bit LM?
    I'm supposed to be making my Mother a Cat shaped cushion to sit on her bed, but I aint finished it yet! Haven't even thought about the card yet and I'm seeing her tomorrow afternoon!
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    I have started to knit my mum one of our 'Toft Alpaca' teddy bears from our knitting kits (she can knit but never finds the time) and i've only done one leg! Seeing as though it's her that looks after the alpacas and has not yet got anything made from their fibre, I thought it was about time she got an alpaca teddy.

    My record is a teddy in a day, but i'll never manage to do all the details and clothing for it even if i stay up all night. I might have to beg one of my trusty knitters to get going on the arms while i get the body finished, either that or my mum will be getting an eyeless monster...


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      Wow you have your own Alpaca. That's so cool! (I'm a sucker for anything on four legs!)
      Your website is lovely by the way. I've just added it to my faves!

      Just how serious are we about getting these pressies finished when we are obviously finding the time to mooch about on the Forum!?

      I'm off to finish stuffing my mum's cat. Good luck with the Bear!
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        Well, for once I've not forgotten to make my own cards!! I made my mothers day card ages ago - the boys have made my mum one each at nursery and yesterday I bought her some plants from Asda as she's off the chocolate at the moment due to high colesterol.

        So am organised!!


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          We don't really do presents for Mother's day here. I did make some gorgeous cards though that I can reveal on the day. I got a gorgeous bookmark/pretty lady made for me by Anya today - there'll be a blog post on it on Sunday!
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            My mum wanted tickets for the Nutcracker that is on at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow (it's a comedy not the ballet nutcracker but I think it is loosely based on it). Well as you probably know with Ruth's cards it is her 70th birthday so I got her tickets but because they came to over £100 she is getting them for Mothers Day and her 70th birthday. Quite lucky her birthday is the 13th March and I have got the tickets for the Friday 14th so at least I am sorted. Forgot to order mothers day cards from Ruth (doh!) so have sent her crappy Asda ones as I wont be seeing her until next week.

            My two have just got me a couple of cards from Asda there when we were doing the weekly shop - and at that I had to remind the swines - only displays everywhere telling them it's Mothering Sunday and still I need to prompt them!!!



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              I am so not organised, I havent even made my mil a card yet but will do before sunday but Im working this weekend aswell so it will be fun squeezing it all in lol. Sadly I put on a smiley face for my kids but as my mum passed away nearly 6 years ago Im not keen on it anymore.


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                Well, I managed to get both my mums' (dont ask) pressie & cards done last weekend - embroidered bookmarks (absract for mum No.1, snoopy for mum No.2). However, I had forgotten to buy ''from my brothers,'' untill one rang me this morning to ask if I wanted to babysit on Sunday as he was off playing cricket (which means He's forgotten entirely, and I have to get something from my neice to her mum too). So I get to go massive shopping tommorrow - and doesnt everyone love town centers on a saturday morning?

                Cant complain too much though, since I get all the browine points for being the only one to make gift & card

                Best of luck with the last minute makes!
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                  For the first time in years I was organised. Bought the card early and crocheted my my a cotton sun in St Ives and being 85 she spends a lot of here time sitting on a wooden bench in the garden reading...and as she is also off the chocolates, due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and various other things I thought the hat would be better. It is also from a pattern that she gave me and that she used back in the 70's to crochet a hat for me :0)

                  As for mum in law, she is coming to lunch tomorrow, so I am getting her a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, not sure what deary has lined up.

                  I am getting and overlocker from Aldi's as my present......practical I know but I have been wanting one for years and they are in tomorrow, so I will queued outside the door at 11am!!!Sad aren't I.


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                    That is SOOO fab - to use a pattern your mum used to use for you. And no - an overlocker is a great prezzie. Aldi is fab for stuff like that. Sadly my other half drew the line at what I wanted from Aldi for Crimbo - a bench mounted belt sander!!!!! lol

                    I have got cards as I made a load for my rubbish table sale last weekend and didn't sell any. So we have a range to choose from for mum and mil. I cheated and bought prezzie. Spotted a Red Hat Society Boyd's bear and had to buy it for her. Table is also booked for meal at gluten-free pub so I'm a very smug, organised person.

                    Good luck to the last minute panickers - wish I could help out.
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                      Well I've finished the Cat cushion but I'm not 100% happy with it! As a result of it being a rush job it has wonky eyes and is a bit lumpy because I rushed the stuffing process! Still, It's only for Mother so I'm not re-doing it now, I'm seeing her in a couple of hours!

                      CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooops! Better go and botch something quick!
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                        I'm with Swirly in that we dont do Mothers or Fathers Day presents, just cards, so that makes life a bit less frantic. Having said that, all you guys who're busy-beavering away trying to get your handmade presents finished in time, how chuffed will your mums/mum in laws be with you! - even if its an 1 armed 1 legged 1 eyed Alpaca half-teddy!

                        I'm sadly short on mums! Like Grommie, my own mum died 28 years ago and my ex mum-in-law ditched me when I left her son! (her loss) and my boyfriends mum died last year (its actually 1 year tomorrow strangely enough) but at least I have a stepmum to make for - so if it comes to it, I'm gonna start adopting mums!

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                          This year my mum is receiving shop bought presents!

                          I usually make her a necklace, earring and bracelet set for christmas and birthday's. She is great for free advertising!

                          But she keeps going on about that Brain Training game, so i went and bought it. Already having a DS, the present felt a bit limp!! So i went and bought her an Apron!

                          I think tonight when i get home ill still be rustling up some jewellery though! Mums love showing off Daughters creations, and i love making it for her
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