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Ebay is killing small craft shops.

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  • Ebay is killing small craft shops.

    Hello everyone

    I try to help out with the forum on regular occasions as I think this is fantastic for all crafters to talk and a community is very important to express views.

    I recently had a thief who was selling all my products and other craft shops in the area's products through ebay and I would like to ask you all to remember your local craft shops as everyone keeps telling each other about this site and how cheap it supposedly is!

    Do not get me wrong, everyone is not doing this, but spare a thought for your local craft shops, if you keep buying on Ebay we will all close, then you will not have a choice as to where to shop, we have overheads, rates and staff to pay, that these sellers don't and thus the undercutting is rife and unfair!

    Ebay is unaccountable to you all, we have the ideas, classes, aftercare, knowledge and friendly staff, please support us, as this site is making craftshops consider their futures through loads of emails I recieve, which is a real shame for us and you.


    Steve Stuart
    Courtyard Crafts
    Brimstage Hall/Albert Dock
    s stuart

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    First of all I admit to loving ebay and have bought some cracking products from there.

    That aside i am very glad to say we have a newish(about 6 months)craft shop in my town, and Hobbycrat about 20 minutes away.
    I love shops were you get to browse around and actually get hands on with the products instead of sitting at a screen trying to work out how big a stamp is exactly etc.

    My only complaint is that the style of product Im after is not available in any craft shop Ive seen.
    Everything I want is in America and Im always wary of ordering from overseas re postage costs and hassle if things go missing.

    If shops here had what I wanted id be spening a small fortune!!!

    Whereabouts are yuo Steve?If your local I may visit.

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      Oh dear, I just multimapped you and yuor a bit too far away, tho Im enjoying looking at your site.

      Poisoned Apple Theatre - Handmade Crafts on Facebook


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        Tesco syndrome..

        Umm.. Word of mouth will get you a long way..

        Don't forget that ebay has shops to, just like a market or craft fair..

        Good luck

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          yep - i have an ebay shop! how some of the bigger peeps can afford it is beyond me as the fees do start to cripple you after a while if you are selling low value items - which is why i set up my own online shop!
          Sally x


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            I considered setting up an e-bay shop but after a little research I decided hand crafted things just dont sell well on e-bay.

            Craft supplies.....well that would be a different story.
            - A whole world of fluffy stuff.


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              Hi Felt Fairy - just had a peak at your site - lovely! so cute!!

              have you thought about making smaller ones? ones that would fit onto a card?

              being a card maker and embellishment maker - peeps are always on the lookout for small embellishments!
              Sally x



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                Oooooooh now there's a thought. I've only done one craft fair (in december) and it went so well I want to do more.

                My trouble is thinking of things non chrismassy to make.
                - A whole world of fluffy stuff.


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                  i sell some puffy fabric angels - you may have seen them - they are about 3 1/2 - 4 " - peeps love them - if you could get yours about 2" - 3" they would be fab for xmas cards! - i love your snowmen!!
                  Sally x



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                    Felt fairy, I love the things you make!!!

                    Dont forget valentines day is coming up do you can make some heart things and maybe birthday cakes for the rest of the year.

                    Il look at yuor site some more, the things remind me of a felt stocking I made when I was little, its such a great material to use.


                    Poisoned Apple Theatre - Handmade Crafts on Facebook


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                      Thank you so much Seahorse! I am thinking all Valentine/easter and cakes now!!

                      - A whole world of fluffy stuff.


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                        dont forget pretty things for mothers day too - so hearts dont have to be red!!
                        Sally x



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                          Hi Steve
                          I understand where you are coming from and sympathise with you, but where does it end. ebay are a fact of life and they wont go away, as are the big hobby superstores that are springing up everywhere, we looked into getting our own shop and would love to do it but could not compete with Craft Central, The Range and Lakeland just down the road, so we chose to be an online retailer. We tried selling on ebay but with low cost items the fees made it impossible so we stick to craft fairs and our online shop which seems to work for us. There will allways be a place for 'real shops' in spite of running our own webshop Jo still goes and buys from them when she sees things she likes, that we dont stock, but the internet is here to stay and a good website has to offer the same freindly service as a shop to survive. In the end people will buy where they want and we all have to understand that and give them what they want so we can survive.
                          Mike (Jo\'s little helper)


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                            Re: Ebay is killing small craft shops.

                            Hi Steve

                            Not to forget the likes of ''You can make it'' craft supplies shows which are, I believe, very popular. (I've never been but despite a high entrance fee, it's packed, I was told).

                            I looked at opening a brick & mortar shop last year but it was just too expensive.

                            I think there is a market for craft shops but I believe advertising is very important for these shops. People don't know where they are - it's either word of mouth or adverts in the likes of Crafts Beautiful and Practical Crafts (That's how I found the ones near me).

                            I don't think small shops are forgotten, not everyone likes ebay! And I think it's more tempting seeing things in the ''flesh''.

                            Are your comments based on declining sales over the years? The craft market, especially card making, has exploded over the last year or so. There's a craft shop within Ostwaldtwistle Mill and it's grown and grown and grown. Running craft classes probably helped, and advertising.

                            Bead Shop, 91 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0QB, Lancashire. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, Sunday 11am-3pm.


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                              Hi, I have 2 ebay shops (although I dont like like ebay that much at the moment!) 2 websites, and a bricks n mortar shop. I have to say, if you want to keep up with the flow (or the Jones') then I highly recommend working on ebay.
                              In my experience, the ebay shop brings in the most customers and the most turnover.
                              we have overheads, rates and staff to pay, that these sellers don't and thus the undercutting is rife and unfair
                              What!!! Not so! A b&m shop is by far one hell of alot cheaper to run than an ebay one, believe me!
                              My bricks and mortar shop costs me only a third of what it costs me to run my ebay shops, but the more money spent on listings, obviously the more items you will sell. I couldnt run my 'B & M' shop with out the backing of my ebay business.
                              With ebay demanding 1/3 of the UK's internet traffic, it definately seems the way to go........
                              Wishing you all the best
                              PS I hate to plug ebay due to the way I have recently been treated, but as a selling platform, there is nothing else in its class, Ive tried them all!
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