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  • Glitter and mod podge...

    Hi all!

    I'm glittering some wine glasses for family and friends for this Christmas which was going great until sealing the glasses to make them waterproof. At first i used PVA glue which i found out wasnt waterproof, so i started using mod podge... However, mod podge gloss made the glitter on the glass go dull!! So I decided to use another mod podge... mod podge sparkle which made the glitter on the glass sparkle which looks lovely, however, with certain colour glitter, the mod podge sparkle makes the glitter have dry clear but white if that makes any sense? I'm looking for something that will dry clear and won't dull the glitter and that doesn't have any sparkle in it either. Has anybody got any suggestions? Thanks
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    If you're still looking for a solution

    Hi Lauren, I've been doing the glitter glasses (and everything else in between) for a couple of years now and I've found that using the Decopatch No 1 Sating Sealant (the gold bottle) is the best thing to seal over your glitter after using the mod podge, it's also food safe so you can safely glitter all the way up to the top of your glasses AND it doesn't dull your glitter either.
    Hope this helps


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      Hi, I know this is an old thread but I've been dabbling with glitter glasses and I've come across a problem.

      I used Decopatch AquaPro Satin Sealer (the one you mentioned) over the top of the glitter and it has dulled the glitter. I put a second coat on but this happened after the first.
      I used the matte mod podge to apply the glitter, could this be the problem? My local craft store only had the matte one in stock at the time and as I am only using it under the glitter I thought it would be fine. After applying the glitter, before the sealer, the glass was gorgeous! Incredibly sparkly but after the sealer it appears to have dulled quite a lot.


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        Just to add, I bought the glossy mod podge and effect was the same. I even bought different glitter and it still turned out matte after using the Decopatch to seal.


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          I'm trying to glitter glass votives for my wedding. Look stunning until I light candles then are all streaky. I used dilute pva, was told as good as MP , mixed with glitter and painted on with a sponge brush. Can anyone tell me how to avoid streaks


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            Hi, we did have lots of posts regarding glitter on glasses plus how to make them food safe etc. If you put something like Glitter glasses etc in the search box it should bring up majority of posts on the subject.