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Any crafters help great fully received

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  • Any crafters help great fully received

    Hi guys!
    new to this page.. So not sure I'm allowed to ask ..
    but, I'm looking for blank toy boxes and children's chairs, both wood and obviously as cheap as possible so I can make a profit without having to charge ridiculous prices, does anyone know any good places in the uk online to purchase these?
    a lady living close to me has literally started selli every single item I sell, from scrabble frames to Mdf signs so I'm looking for something different to make aswell as my usual.

    any help?
    Bits N Buttons is my facebook page if anyone has any tips x

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    Hey there and welcome to the Forum, I know Ikea do a small children's chair (x2) and Table set cheap and I know people who decoupage this.

    As for what to post and not post (you can't post links until you have reached 25 posts) all questions no matter how silly can be asked (no such thing as a silly question, just a silly answer) don't be rude, don't start arguments and enjoy your time in the forum we are all here to help! (this is the chair table product i was telling you about)
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      Thank you so much! That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for

      im going to carry on Google searching a toy box reasonably priced, that table and chairs is perfect thank you again!


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        Welcome to the Crafts Forum.

        You have the right attitude regarding someone copying you. We get it all the time and people get so wound up about it, but that's the crafting life. You will always get talentless people riding on the backs of the more talented but whatever they produce will never be as good as the originator. You just have to ignore them and get on and find something else and keep one step ahead of the game.

        Well done. Can't help you with the toybox I'm afraid but good luck.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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          Thanks mo!
          i didn't see the point in being annoyed, I took it more as a compliment than anything else, plus my work is more as a hobby, started off to occupy myself during maternity leave but i have very regular orders, I just get bored with the same things over and over and over so always looking for new things to do 😊 x


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            I managed to find the exact same one on ebay for a fiver local to me, perfect to ty out and if it goes well I can go back to Iowa, thank you again for your help!