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Whats the best size Gazebo to buy

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  • Whats the best size Gazebo to buy

    I have booked 4 local outdoor events this year so am going to have to get a Gazebo just in case the weather is bad. Am going to get one of the cheaper pop up ones with sides, wind bars and leg weights for now to see how we get on this year. My problem is what size to buy.
    I asked each one I booked what the max size would be and they said 'any' but am sure some events must have a size restriction. Max size I am thinking of because of weight and ease of putting up is 3m x 3m. I am unsure if this would be too big for some places but a 2m x 2m seems too small. I need to but one this week as my first fete is Easter weekend.
    Canot find anywhere locally that has them put up to go and actually see size



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    I would say 3m x 3m is the average size. If the weather is bad and you have to put three sides up anything smaller would look very cramped and discourage people from entering as they don't like to feel trapped. They are also just as useful if it's very hot and it defines your space. The very cheap ones are not at all stable and a good gust of wind can bend the frame so do choose carefully. We had our first one which cost £125 for two years before it fell to bits and it had a lot of use. The epoxy coated steel frame rusted and buckled but the fabric was perfect. We have kept the covers to use as an awning for our new one which is a commercial grade.

    You can buy online and they will be with you in less than a week.

    Good luck with your events.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Would agree with Mo that the 3m x 3m is the average size and one used by most people. We do quite few outside events, including several in the run up to Christmas and found the commercial quality ones much better value for money. Our first gazebo lasted one season and even then I had several pieces of timber acting as struts. Our second (and latest one) has lasted three years and probably been put up over 50 times in that period. It has sides attached by velcro and is totally waterproof. Must admit I also bought some ratchet anchor ropes and 12" long stakes mades from foundation reinforcing steel. In total it cost £300 from Gala but its still going strong and we've had it stand strong in heavy thunderstorms and stron gales.

      We found ordering on line dead easy and had very quick delivery.

      Have fun


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        As has been said 3m*3m appears to be the normal expected size for events and it is not worth getting a cheap one (I spent one year hanging onto ours rather than turning or selling!). The professional ones are much stronger (the man at Gala demonstrated this by both he and myself hanging off the frame and asking me if that was strong enough!) We have not regretted our purchase of our Gala Shade 3 years ago for one moment. Problem with the professional ones is that they tend to be a little larger and require a van or a large estate for transport. Gala have addressed this by bringing out one of their Gala Shades in a format that collapses down into something that fits in the boot of a car. Another company to try is Surf and Turf, its where my woodturning club bought a pop gazebo for our charity events.
        Pat Murphy