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  • Using "Licenced" fabric

    Hello there I make handmade bags, bunting etc and sell on facebook as a small business and I have been asked by one of my customers to make something using Hello Kitty fabric. Am I allowed to use these kind of branded fabrics for commercial use?? I have search online and read up copyright laws but do not understand it at all!! Is there a simple answer or a website that spells it out clearly? Thanks in advance

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    Not sure about hello kitty, but I know that a bag with a label saying 'made from kath kidson fabric' is ok whereas a label saying 'kath kidson bag' is not ok.


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      I am pretty sure that unless you carry a licence issued by the trademark/copyright owner, you're not allowed to use 'branded' fabric for commercial use. The fabric manufacturers will (if they're legal) have a licence to produce and sell said fabric, but it will be for personal use only. I know that Disney and Hello Kitty do prosecute offenders when they find them.
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        In general you cannot sell anything you create with licenced fabric. Disney, for example, are always on the lookout for people selling stuff with their licenced items and a lot of Etsy stores are closed down or told to remove items. There are lots of people who do breach licencing/copyright rules all over the internet (especially on Facebook) but it is illegal I believe and they could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

        Sorry for the dismal answer!
        Lucy Blossom
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          Thank you Lucy, to be honest it was the answer I was expecting, I am not going to take the chance. You are right about facebook though, I have seen so many pages that have nothing but branded fabric made items, they are lovely pages I just hope they don't get in trouble!!


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            Thank you Sarah, I am so glad I checked. Thanks for replying x


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              Search fabric copyright rules in Google, just done it to see and a shed load of official sites are there to advise.



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                Some fabrics have it stated in the writing on the selvedge edge not for commercial use