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    I just recently bought some Berisford ribbons from a supplier and when they arrived they were branded as "HABICO". Does anyone know if they are the same product, I like to stick to Berisfords as i have a swatch board and don;t want to start messing around with lots of other makes. Maybe it's just another brand name they use???


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    Could that be the wholesaler or something? Was just thinking it sounded like Habby (dashery!) Co (mpany).
    I used to work in a craft shop and I seem to remember that there are very few ribbon manufacturers these days. In fact, aren't most ribbons made in Ireland or the States? (but that's by the bye). I would have thought your ribbons would be Berisfords - have you checked them against your chart for quality and colour?
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      Yep Habico are a wholesaler and do a lot of ribbons. If you google them you'll find their website with contact details - it could be worth emailing them to ask if the ribbons are Berisford or not. Alternatively you could contact your supplier and ask them - I'm used to getting odd enquiries from customers that I have to check out with wholesalers and actually enjoy finding out so I'm sure they'll be haqppy to help (or certainly should be).
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