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  • etsy again, again!

    Hi there, not been in here for a while, but thought I'd come in for a read as I've just registered with etsy and theres always good advice about things like this.

    Had a read of the posts that came up after a search for etsy, and found them very useful. Still a couple of things I'd like advice on though:

    1, does everyone who uses etsy sell abroad as well as in the UK. From what I can make out Etsys main market is in the US but it is becoming more well known over here. Is this correct? I'm not dead keen on selling abroad, as a lot of the stuff I sell is picture frames, and I've had trouble with glass breakages in the post on the larger frames before, and the added hassle/risk of overseas orders doesn't particularly appeal to me.

    Do you think Etsy is a viable selling tool if just selling to home markets??

    2: Is it possible to list in UK pounds?? seems you can only list in dollars. Can't imagine this is much of a problem, but a fluctuating exchange rate could make a fair difference to a high priced Item. I suppose not enough to worry about, but not done the maths in my head. Also are there any extra charges due to listing in foriegn currency, Eg do paypal charge any commision for currency change, and is it possible to accept cheques in a foreign currency?

    Also anyone any advice on the best time of day to list things, as it seems that most things sell best soon after being listed, and can slip down the searches pretty quickly.

    Any other basic advice in starting with etsy will be apprechiated, as well, although I've read a fair bit, so don't feel you have to go to lots of effort to write a massive post.

    Sorry that this is a massive rambling post.

    Hope you are all well and the weather is nice where you are!! - Unusual Handcrafted Wooden Creations.

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    Etsy is a U.S site but lots of sellers from the U.K and other places, you can only sell in dollars and I suppose the best time of day to list is the evening for us as thats when all the americans are online i suppose.

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      Thanks for asking that Wonky, I have similar Qs about selling one-off commissioned items on Etsy and a lot of my stuff would be in picture frames too

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