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    Hi there, I love making cards and thought I would put them on a website, but how do you go about doing that? Is it easy? Anyone done something similar? Nicky

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    Do you mean to sell them? In which case, have a look at Etsy or eBay. There are lots of previous threads about starting up an online shop that you might want to have a look through (take a browse through the crafts Business section) - there is loads of useful information on this forum
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      It depends where you want to start!! If you want something that won't cost the earth and is fairly easy to maintain and set up then go for Mr Site - it does has its drawbacks but its easy enough!

      Work out what you want to sell (prices and structure etc) and then take it from there.

      Good luck!


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        I dunno, I havent got that far yet myself, but I've been learning from the Forum guys & all the historical threads you can look through on here too, I have a stack of printable threads next to my PC about Etsy, website providers etc, really helpful stuff

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          Thanks everyone, shall have a look. Yes would like to sell and see what the reaction is. Nicky


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            hi nicky,
            i was exactly the same untill my partner offered to build my site for me, making cards has always just been a hobby but now i am actually making money out of it too! have a look and see what you think - he is in the process of setting up a template which he will sell for a very reasonable price. this will been that you could have a site just like mine and start selling your cards!
            let me know if you like and and ill see hwat i can do for you!

            thanks and good luck

            rach x
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              pls tell me how it goes, i wanna do the same thing for a long long time but never get myself to start......
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                One piece of advice i would give is always look ahead to where you want to end up..

                Over time we changed so many times it was untrue.. this all took time and loads of headaches..

                Basically as we grew we needed better functions and looking back i really wish i had invested in a proper made site from day one..

                Oscommerce is quite nice and free to start from but you will need some knowledge of how to set it all up and get it going..

                I found it much better and easier to concerntrate on my cards and get someone to do it all for me exactly as i wanted it..

                Some website companies do really cheap deals now it seems..

                I would recommend the guy i used for my sites, he had such a hard time from me i can assure you..
                He told me he had never worked for someone so fussy..