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Knitting: How to increase and drop stitches??

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  • Knitting: How to increase and drop stitches??

    Hello! I am a very simple knitter, I can knit, purl, cast-on/off, and I can increase and decrease but I find it tricky. But how can I take sections out of the knitting or add them? I want to make a simple square toy but I want it to have ears attached, like the pictures at the top (sorry the photo is sideways). How do I do this?
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    I havent a clue as I havent knitted before, but am planning to learn and have been told that youtube have some helpful videos. :-)
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      You could knit/purl up to the section where you want the ears to begin. Work out how many stitches are going to be used to make up each ear. Get a stitch holder and put the stitches for one ear on a stitch holder (at the opposite end to the tail of yarn you are knitting with). Carry on knitting upwards on the left over stitches until ear is of desired length. You will then put the stitches on stitch holder onto a needle and continue to knit from here, reattaching the yarn. The middle section you will need to cast off the undesirable stitches. (this would be if you were to go with the bottom lefthand diagram)

      You could always (top left hand diagram) knit a square/rectangle to be an ear. place on stitch holder and put to oneside. Knit another ear, then cast on the number of stitches required for the top of the head. Put ear from stitch holder on to needle and join in the yarn from the end of the cast on stitches to add it into the work. Continue to knit until of desired length.

      Is that a help with those two shapings?

      Top right - knit until increase, cast on desired stitches, knit until desired length, cast off same number of stitches as you cast on earlier and then continue to knit.

      Bottom right - Knit to desired length, cast off to indented point, continue to knit until increase, cast on same number of stitches that you cast off earlier and continue to knit to the end.

      I hope that makes some sort of sense to you. I know how sometimes when it's written down it seems to make little sense.
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        The only thing I have to add is that if you do not have a stitch holder, a large safety pin can work in a pinch.