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  • Website is a go go


    I have a website, and I love it!

    Check it out and let me know what you think........

    I am not selling off it yet, not ready for that, I just wanted to have something to show off my jewels

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    Lovely site - way to go - your jewellery is gorgeous.



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      Your site is FAB!

      Lovely jewellery too

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        Looking great, very clean looking. I wish you the best of luck
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          I like the style and layout of your site. I have a small critisism thought that your pics don't do your jewelry justice they have to many shadows and sre to dark. A lot of the detaill is missing as a result. get one of those white cub photographers things( forgot name) and a couple of small spot lights. or take your picks in strong daylight. Hope you don't mind me saying this but i think it would make a big diffrence.
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            I love the tagline!! And the banner at the top, how long must that have taken to put together!

            (The photographers things are called lightboxes, goldy )
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              Its lovely!

              One slight opinion is can you count on those that don't know that the coloured buttons do actully take you to your items. Maybe placing the text in each button would point it out better.

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                great site with excellent wording, gorgeous jewellery too. Only thing I fond is the navigation to the products isnt obvious, had to have a whizz around with the mouse to get the links to show on the rollover buttons
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                  until you are able to get a light box, you could simply edit your photos a little more by adjusting the brightness, mid tones and shadows I've just had a little go with the first necklace photo. (hope you don't mind!)

                  the whole site is looking good as is your jewellery. I would also agree about adding text for the buttons.
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                    Thanks all for your lovely feedback.

                    I agree about the photos, I will work on those over the weekend I think, I also have new photos to add. I am slowly mastering the macro function on my camera, I have a "daylight" light now too, so i should be able to take fabby pix soon. The guy who designed my website is great at taking pictures, do you think it would be cheeky to ask him to take all my pix too?

                    I also agree about the links buttons, I will see what i can do about that.


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                      What I really like is the consistancy with your photos. By having the same background it adds to the look of the site.
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                        I love the shiny beads and the fact that they highlight and link to different areas. But as others have said it's a shame you can't see the links anywhere else on the homepage?

                        Only suggestions ...
                        I would add the links to the bottom of your homepage in corresponding colours to the beads /or text to the beads

                        I would also get rid of the bead lab logo on the right as your saying the same thing twice and right next to each other - just seems a bit much
                        Plus the shiny beads will look more stylish just on there own.


                        Love the simplicity of it all and your pic is fab. well done
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                          I agree kay. It took me a few minutes to suss it out!

                          But your jewellery is lush I especially like the turquoise glass twist bracelet! v.nice

                          oooh, just realised if you clicked on the image it gets bigger, cool, you can see al the detail! that'll teach me for not reading it properely!!!

                          did you set the ste up alone or did you get help? Its my mission over the next few months to get my art 2gether & sell it (hopefuly) online! but I am clueless, I dont even have a blog thing that others seem to!!


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                            Lookin good!!

                            I agree with all the other comments - your pics don't do them justice. Having said that, some of my pics are a little dodgy! I have to rely on bright weather at weekends to take the photos but I can't always wait!!


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                              If you dont do graphics I can copy them from the site and add text, then u just need to add them to your images for the rollover buttons
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