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Oh my god - I am a fanatic

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  • Oh my god - I am a fanatic

    Today in Scotland we have had loads of snow and high winds. The drive home from Edinburgh was horrendous, not with the snow but the wind was really gusty, so I crawled at about 15mph on the M8, and it has taken me from 6.00pm 'til now to get my PC onto the internet (see blog for details).

    I am starting to twitch like someone who needs a drink. How can something simple like checking your Etsy and eBay pages become so fanatical.

    I am hoping for drifts and blizzards tomorrow so I can just roll over in bed at 5:45 rather than get up. Then when I do crawl from my pit I can spend all day crafting and surfing...what do you reckon my chances are??????

    Yeah OK dream on!!!

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    OMG the snow is the only thing that can make me drop absolutely everything and go for a play! I LOVE the snow!!

    You might be in luck the weather in scotland is looking really quite interesting! I was up at Fort William for new years...I chose the wrong time I think, there was only a dusting of snow!

    When I first got my facebook account when I was at uni I was quite crazy about checking it a million times a day. Now I have other

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      Nijani.............I am north of you and all we have gotten is rain and wind and rain and more wind
      Wish it would snow so I could take some pic's.The ground is sooooooooo wet there is nothing but mud Grrrrr!
      Here I am at the tippy top of Scotland and everyone south of me has snow
      Shabby Neesey


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        Originally posted by Nijani View Post
        Today in Scotland we have had loads of snow and high winds. The drive home from Edinburgh was horrendous,!
        yeah, that's why you should live on the other side of the country, Glasgow was positively balmy yesterday..... not really

        My car almost got blown away the other day, whilst sitting at the scariest traffic lights in the world!


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          I only work in Edinburgh.............couldn't afford to live there, believe me if it wasn't for work I would probably never go there again!

          I live in between the 2 Glasgow and Edinburgh, soon to be linked back to Glasgow by rail which will be great, especially for my Gig hopping 16 year old.

          If i have to drive to the Barrowlands 1 more time I will scream!!!