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I am so excited!

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  • I am so excited!

    Following some great advice on here, I have put five or six of my items on ebay some at costs on auction and some at the price I would like to sell them out and I have sold three items: one at full price and the other two currently have one bid each at auction. I am so chuffed and excited. I can't believe people actually want to buy my stuff. Can't wait to try and sell the rest of my products. Whoop whoop. I made the grand total of ...£7....will try not to spend it all at once

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    Congratulations on your first sales. Enjoy the £7!
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      Well done. What is it they say? Oh yes, I remember. Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Congratulations. Ebay was one of the first places I ever sold my jewellery and now I have a high street shop so dreams do come true, keep going and I am sure yours will too. Remember, for every 100 people in the world there may only be 2 of us that love the create, the rest will love to buy it and Ebay is their pathway to it.


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          Congratulations on your first sales
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            Well done on your first sales.


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              Congratulations I have thought about selling on Ebay, but there is so much on there, that I always feared I would get lost in the listings :-( Now you have said this, perhaps I will reconsider! Well done again.
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                    Thanks everyone for you kind words of encouragement. This has definitely given me a buzz especially as my hubby can be a bit killjoy and keeps asking me who would like to buy my stuff!

                    Doodles you should definitely try. I only put 4 or 5 packs of my products, at the worst possible time as I listed them at 23.30 on a Sunday evening, yet I still managed to sell 3 packs so not too bad. I will definitely try to pick a better time though.

                    Indivijewlistic your example will definitely stay in my mind!