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  • fair selling price

    I sold some of my handcrafted earrings to a clothing boutique owner for $4.50 a pair, which she later sold for $12 a pair. I sold them to her at a low price, and was wondering what a fair price to charge for them would be?


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    To be able to answer that you would need to let us know what the earings were like - better still a pic - not able to advise I'm afraid until get a bit more info.

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      I would say you should sell them to her for 40/50% less than what she will get for them retail. I think thats more than being fair.
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        I dont really know for sure, but I would think if your making less money than she does then how can that be right??? You design, make & put in the work & she just flogs them!!

        sorry, not too helpful.


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          It all depends whether she's buying in large quantities or not. When I'm selling wholesale I always state that there is a minimum order value of x and they then qualify for wholesale prices which are typically 40% off my retail price + any postage costs.

          If they don't want to buy in bulk then they have to pay the retail price I'm afraid.

          If they're selling from a shop or a bricks & mortar premises then they'll always charge more than you because of the overheads like rent, electricity, etc. Unfortunately that's just the way of the world - as long as you set your minimum price and are happy with what you personally receive, then that's all that matters at the end of the day.
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