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  • Having a bad day?

    If you are having a bit of an off day have a look at my Blog for today, it may make you feel a bit better. After all I am still smiling, although that could be the drink!!!


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    Cant help but laugh, not at the situation but the fantastic way you worded in, hope it gets sorted soon. If you dont get any joy get on to the NHB.. whatsit people, the ones that cover new build houses.
    I came..I saw..I shopped


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      Very funny!


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        Thanks, I am reading one of your Chicken Licken. I am just starting my day...just woke up :P.
        I admit, you really good tempting words to make at least me to check your website.

        Thanks all the way.
        contemporary rugs


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          That made me laugh but that's terrible - what are the builders going to do now?



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          Handmade Dog Collar Accessories


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            AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! hon........(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))
            Shabby Neesey


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              Thanks for the hugs n stuff guys. I am waiting for the NHBC to get back to me at the moment, unfortunately with the weather as it is, we probably won't get it fixed until March like last year. So I am sitting at the PC in a sheepskin coat at the moment .

              But there is spag bol for tea so not all is bad!!!



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                poor you..
                I can totally sympathise , as we have a similar problem with several areas that leak,but ours is an old house, so prolems are to be expected,and we dont get much rain anyway,tough when it does,it really does,and the streets look more like rivers!

                The blog howeveris fantastic,beautifully written


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                  Thanks for the lovely comments. My Sister in Law is on her way back from her house in Andalucia, I texted her at the weekend and it took two days for her to pluck up the courage to text me back....they had blue skies and she was lying by the pool.

                  My pal in Cornwall was also out in the sun in a T shirt walking the dog



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                    whereabouts in Andalucia was your sisnl?

                    We had a few fab days last week, more like summer really, though it has turned chillier since, and have got the woodburmer roaring away tonight.


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                      Oh, poor soul.


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                        Hi ilovecrafts,

                        My sis has a house just off the A-92M about 2/3 miles from Villa Nueva de Trabajo. It is in really small village on a goat/olive farm. Lovely and quiet.

                        We were over a couple of years ago and had a great time...a bit quiet for the 16 year old tho!!

                        Having sadi that the sun was out here first thing and we had blue skies. It is away now though, but that is Scotland for you...all four seasons in 1 day!!!!!WE coudl have snow by t-time


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                          pretty round that way, if I'mthinking of the right area.
                          kids dont appreciate tranquility though unfortunately.Not a lot to do here in our village, but during any holidayperiods,they do organise lots of events, and for any "sports" all participants get a cup or medal, sogot quite a collection of those now!


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                            Sounds idyllic. Will see sis tonight as it is our weekly craft night, and I know that she will be a bit down, cos she would move to Spain tomorrow if she could.


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                              be 6 yrs on Sat that we came to Spain ( on 02/02/02..)

                              Just 1 regret

                              NOT COMING SOONER!!