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  • I got a Blog!

    It was suggested by one of the Etsy UK team that a Blog and flickr pages would help with what have I done today. Sat in a freezing cold room, the roof was leaking with all the rain so we took the ceiling down before it feel down, and set up a blog and flickr site.

    I am now a proper 21st century mum, the 16 year old proof read the Blog and laughed so that was OK.

    All I need to do now is move the PC, arrange to fix the roof, finish the crochet, make the tea...and the bed cos clever clogs washed the bedding earlier, walk the dog etc etc.

    Oh and as for the leak, we have been in the house 5 years, and the roof has leaked in the same spot every winter bar one. and no it's not old, it was new when we bought it!!! Good old Wimpey, apparently roof leading just ain't what it used to be....there again who would have expected heavy rain and wind in Scotland in January...

    I have even managed to add the blog link in below...time for a lie down mow methinks!!!

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    well done!
    have had a read and its great.
    so's the photo!!!
    looking forward to your next installment


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      Hey. Well done you. The blog is fab.

      I did the same yesterday - set up Flickr account. Am also a newbie to blogging - think I've made 8 posts now - so will watch yours with avid interest.

      I just need the Etsy shop. Now that IS scary!![email protected]/


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        Blog looks fab . I find blogging quite enjoyable, once I got over the initial 'ooh don't know what to say'!!
        My Etsy Shop


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          Thanks guys, I have to admit I enjoy reading other Blogs too. I started out when I found the link to the Yarnharlot in Canada and just went from there....maybe I am just nosey!!!!