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  • Poppy Day

    I was thinking of making some red felt Poppy's with a brooch for Poppy Day. Then giving the profit (not the full sale price) to the charity.

    So would you agree that:

    It's best to keep this separate from my business?

    I don't wanna confuse my accounting.

    Or should it be part of my business?

    Has anyone done anything similar in the past and have any advice?

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    I sell sparkly poppies in the shop and I keep it totally separate from the business.

    It is the only charity I actively get involved with and have done even before the shop so I buy the pieces I need with my own money, and that is my donation, and I use the shop as a platform to sell them, all the proceeds then go to the poppy appeal, I also stand by the local fireworks display and do a day in the town centre. I sell the sparkly poppies for a pound-a-pop and they go down really well.

    I think it is fantastic that you are doing this and whatever you decide every penny counts as I really believe that we should look after those, and the families of those, we send in our name, irrespective of whether we agree with the politics.

    Well done and good luck.



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      Thanks Hun! I've made a few already. I work in a building of about 200 people, about 80% female. Last year I wore one and everyone was asking for one. So I hope to sell lots and earn lots of cash for the charity


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        Totally, that is exactly what has happened with the sparkly poppies, people were seen out wearing them and others stopped them to find out where they got them from, last year I ran out of sparkly ones - it's not a thing that is going to happen to me this year as I have already started!!

        I think this is what the poppy appeal needs, a new little slant to keep it going because it has such a short space of time to raise funds in comparison with other charities


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          I've noticed people sell them on ebay. Some with a 20% profit being donated to the charity and others where they do not do it for charity.
          Anyway I've decided to buy the material myself, donate my time. Then give every penny I get from them to charity.