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  • jewellery now on site!


    not been on for a while been made busy putting jewellery on my site and deciding the best ways to do it!
    have a look at my bangles and necklaces and let me know which you like best!

    ta xxx
    Funky jewellery & Luxury handmade greetings cards

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    I like the red and black t bar necklace and the shell wrap bangle best and the prices are very low too.

    Can I be a real pain in the backside and let you know that you have a spelling mistake on your 'fashion necklaces' page 'garenteed' should be guaranteed. I'm not picking on you but in my experience the slightest errors can put people off.

    It's a nice site


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      spelling mistake...

      thanks....have just changed it...i never was a very good speller!
      do you think i could take them more expensive then?

      i thought to just give my self a boost i would put a sale on some...maybe not such a good idea???

      thanks though - let me know if you see anymore spelling errors miss??


      rach x
      Funky jewellery & Luxury handmade greetings cards


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        lovely site, well set out and clear. Can see you put a lot into it. Like the cards. Good luck


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          miss hormonal

          Sorry about my spell checking you the other day, I'm a nightmare with a red pen. I just read the post again and I sound like a right witch. I blame it on hormones, husband, kids and the strain of trying to work aswell.

          Your site is great and so are your products. The prices are a difficult one, I wasn't being critical of low prices. I have been selling my jewellery for 2 years now and still find it hard to price some items. When I first started people told me it was too cheap, I think it is sometimes hard for crafters to put a price on what they make (well it is for me). I set a price, show my husband the costs etc and he tells me it's worth more so I increase the price and it sells.

          Good luck with the site!


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            Your site looks really lovely, I wish you lots of sucess with it. Your card prices are very reasonable.

            Best Wishes

            Kim x



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              Chocolate T-Drop

              Hi there

              Beautiful jewelry. I like the chocolate t-drop best, but the other products are great too.

              The best of luck with you business.


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                I am pretty crazy about bangles. I got some nice collection of it that I brought on my vacation trip across Asia.
                I like the one wooden Zig-Zag bangle.

                Anita "nita"
                contemporary rugs