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  • Good idea? Bad idea?

    What do you think? I had a phone call today asking me if would like to be included in a cd rom directory that is going to be on the front of a leading bridal magazine later this year. Obviously there is a cost involved. Do people bother looking through these cd roms or just throw them away? Would I be better off perhaps taking out a listing directly in the magazine although this would probaly cost more for a lot less advertising space. On the cd I would be the only jeweller listed in my area with a full screen advert with pictures of lots of my pieces and details of where to find me.

    All advice welcome.


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    Personally, i would risk it, because in my mind, people who buy bridal magazines are looking for ideas and suppliers for their own weddings, so they would probably check the cd rom too to see if there was anything they wanted to buy.


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      Its a good question...

      Its had to tell unless you have seen how you would be advertised on the cd-rom..

      Its not a big industary (cd-rom) advertising for a good reason..

      I'm pretty sure it will be a list of current/past advertisers plus whoever else might be up for some cheap ads..

      I'd be tempted to go for the print stuff with the free cd-rom ad too

      I don't think it sounds like it worth much... imho..

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        I have a friend who makes wedding jewellery and she uses printed advertising and web links. She is really busy and gave up her job to work at it full time. She thinks that Web Links and having your own easily manageable site is best. She has been featured in most of the magazines too.

        Hope this helps