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A bit of help for someone new to the forum.

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  • A bit of help for someone new to the forum.

    Hello, I have just found this site and can't believe there are so many answers to questions that I have been asking for ages, I never knew this site existed, now I am addicted!!!!!

    I have two questions, one. I desperately need A4 brown leather look card, does anyone know where I can get some, and I also would like to start showcasing some of my more special stationery (I make wedding invitations) and selling them in boxes, the shallow type things, I am sure you know what I mean, does anyone know where I can get them from.

    I have been buying my card blanks from ebay, and they are good sometimes, but consistency seems to be a problem, and you cannot guarantee that if you go with a colour and textrue that you will be able to order in bulk when you get a large customer order. I really need to find a good reliable shop/seller who can keep me in stock of all my regualr needs. I am in the Bristol area, I notoce alot of you talk about visiting your suppliers/craft shops ect - does anyone know of a good one around bristol, if not what sort of place should i start looking for, a craft shop, paper mill (??) we do have Hobbycraft, which is handy in emergencies, but very pricey. Any help is very much appreciated and I look forward to many happy hours on this site!!!!


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    Hello Donna and to the forum. I see you have already realised how addictive this place can be!!
    I have bought some leather effect card from the paper mill shop in the past the only problem is there is that you can not always guarantee to be able to get the same things well that's true of their shops but maybe their website could be different. I have heard that they give very good customer service there.
    Enjoy your time here!
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      Have you tried making your boxes, Donna? I made some for some pieces of jewellery, using a scoreboard. It's the same board I use for scoring card. Just remember to make the lids a fraction bigger all round! You do have to use pretty hefty card. I used some 360gsm, and the boxes turned out quite sturdy once they were made up. I used DST to secure the corners of some, but had stronger results with an impact adhesive.

      I had a big box of card - pick your own - from a selection at a local garden centre, which has a craft section. I think it's PaperCellar: you can fill an A4 box for either 4.99 - small - or 6.99- larger. That isn't 360gsm though.

      You choose whatever you want to put in from whatever selection they have available - that way you could ensure that all your card matches.

      There's a seller on eBay who has a nice selection of very heavy card blanks. I'm not sure I can put his name on here, but if you PM me I'll send it. I've had some super stuff from him.

      Oh, and welcome to the forum - I like this one: it's sedate, has no bitching, and there's tons of good advice to be had.