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Etsy Showcase - the results are in!!!!!

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  • Etsy Showcase - the results are in!!!!!

    Well cue drum roll.....

    Number of Sales ....nil
    Number of inquiries ....nil
    Number of people marking the site as a favourite....2
    Number of additional views on items....0 to 22

    All in all, I think Swirly is right, re list a couple of items every two or three days gets the same results and it is cheaper!

    I will still use Etsy as a shop window as listing is relatively cheap, but I am off to concentrate on my Web pages and to get the ebay shop up and running....any suggestions would be most welcome!

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    I'm really sorry to hear your showcase wasnt a success.

    Would you think about doing another one on another day? Maybe a saturday is not a good day as people may be out shopping, chores or seeing friends etc. Maybe give sunday afternoon/evening a go? Or a weekday lunchtime?

    It is a good idea to list a couple of items everyday that way it keeps you up near the top of the search. Plus I think posting on the forums helps boost traffic. There is a special forum just for promotions where you can post newly listed items or post on a specific item you sell. I was doing some posting last night and it did bring in a few extra views, but alas no hearts or sales.

    Personally for me ebay I find is not the best place to sell handcrafted goods unless you are prepared to sell them really cheap, but craft supplies will do well. If you do open a shop it is cheaper to list and you can list goods till cancelled, so it will remain in your shop till it is sold, or you delete it, and you only pay the one listing fee for that.

    Good luck with it all! Keep us posted on how you get on.

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      Sorry to hear it didn't live up to expectations. Was hoping you would do really well.

      Anyway at least listing in there gets you noticed in all over the world.

      Best of luck with all your new ventures.

      Cheers Janice


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        Oh no! Sorry to hear it wasn't a success . At least you tried, and now you know..
        I spent a couple of hours on the forums yesterday, and I have to say, it was no fun at all. I'd post a message and then go back to that thread in the next few minutes and there had been another 2 or 3 pages of messages listed, mainly all ignoring my message, it really did feel like being a little drop in a big ocean, very impersonal.. and after being on here where everyone is nice to you, and supportive..
        I think I will carry on, like you said Nijani, and do as swirly suggested - adding a couple of items regularly, my opinion might change, but for now, I'm not a big Etsy fan !!
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          Really disappointing for you, it answers my questions on ETSY anyway. Good luck and let us know if you sell anything on there.


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            Thanks for the support guys, you are right about the forums too, so many people post that by the time your page has refreshed you are at the bottom of the page!!

            I think we are all really lucky to have this forum to post to and not feel like you are a tadpole in mid Atlantic.

            I have a few beanies to list, so a couple tonight and a couple tomorrow...more "($*$*%(()%$)*(£(%£(£ washing machine has broken so if deary can't fix it in 24hours I am filing for divorce


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              i'm sorry you've had little luck with your showcase. i have finally got round to adding some stuff to my etsy shop and have had no bites as yet.
              stupid question, but how do i add my etsy shop to my posts here? i notice lots of people have their websites etc at the bottom of their posts.
              i completely agree about the forums on etsy, there are hundreds of responses in a few minutes. frightening.


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                Go to user C.P and add it where the edit signiture is. Hope that makes sense.

                It's the only thing I have ever managed to do .

                Cheers Janice


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                  Sooooo sorry about everything.Fingers XXXXX your bad luck is over
                  Shabby Neesey


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                    thanks janice. has it worked?


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                      now you can have a look at my stuff for the first time - have never managed to post a photo before.
                      all (nice!!!!) comments welcome, hee hee


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                        Glad it worked and your things are fab !!!



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                          Hi Nijani

                          Sorry it didn't work for you, I've thought about dipping my toe in the very big etsy pond, when I get my bum in gear

                          Your stuff is lovely, I speak here only as someone who spends ages drooling over stuff on Etsy but I've noticed people seem to do a bit better if they have a blog, so you get to know a bit about them and also get a mention on fellow etsy members blogs too. It's probably pretty time consuming though, but I do like reading them usually when I should be doing boring housework

                          Also, do you have UK in your titles as I use this as a search quite a lot. Another thing that might be worth a go, knock a bit off the price of a couple of items and write SALE in big letters, you never know - Hope my ramblings help a bit and good luck

                          Sarah x
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