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My wonderful bargin!

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  • My wonderful bargin!

    This morning I was moaning again because I had to take Ollie to violin and Joe wanted to go into Beverley and take some photos. luckily it wasn't raining as we had to kill 2.5 hrs. I dragged the kids into a shop where they sell some craft supplies. Couldn't resist the bargin to be had. Beaded bag straps that retail between 10 and 12 pounds normally in the bargin bin for 50p per pair. I had to hold my breath , count to ten and ask the assistant if it was for real. I got about £98.00 worth of goods for £4.50. (I emptied the bin of course!!!)
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    woohooo well done, great bargain!
    I came..I saw..I shopped


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      Well done you. I love a bargain I always feel such a great sense of achievment.

      Sounds like my kind of saving. My sister and I have been kidding each other on about our bargain hunting skills hers was a Betty Barcley bag reduced from £95 to £7 and mine was a Phase Eight top from £75 to £10.

      But I think you win

      Cheers Janice


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        I buy things sometimes without any idea what I will ever do with it but just can't walk by a deal lol..........I find something to use it on in good time,but I have boxes and boxes of things in every nook and carnny of this tiny place I call home lol
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          Oooooh - fab bargain!!
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            Well done BBD! That's a fab bargain!!

            I love a good bargain. Last week, in our local charity shop, I found a brand new unfinished moses basket, complete with mattress (still wrapped) and stand. All for £5.50!

            I grabbed it as I'm going to be a great aunt at the beginning of August, and I'll finish it myself nearer the time and when/if I know what the baby will be.

            We're off to Kent tomorrow to recce Bewl Water on Monday. I'll shall be on the look out for charity shops over that way too!

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              I went back to the scrapstore again this week and got myself another fabric sample book of Jane Churchill fabrics. Her fabrics retail at about £50 a metre and I've got 2 books of fat-quarter-ish sizes for £1 !!

              I love a bargain me!
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                How about a pair of suede boots with fur lining from M&S down from £65 to wait for it 99p................I was going to buy them whether they were my size or not, fortunately they were a 5 1/2 so yahoo me!!!!


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                  Those are all fab bargains!!

                  Why can I never find anything like that?!!


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                    I used to get in trouble from my mates when I always came back from a shopping trip completely laden with bargains. I think it is a perserverance thing, I have a lot more patience that a lot of people I know. You have just got to be prepared to go out shopping and return with nothing, once in a while... then every now and again, get these great bargains!

                    Hurrah for bargains, I haven't been to any shops today...... feel my pain!


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                      I can't wait to go to New York - I've been hunting out thrift shops in Brooklyn! And then 2 weeks after we get back is the large annual jumble sale where my parents live - on the last day you get to fill a black bin bag with as much stuff as you want for £2!!!!!!! It's fab and you can just grab stuff not knowing if it fits/suits you etc cos it's only £2 and you can give it back to the charity shop if it doesn't - can't wait!
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                        Do you all think it's a crafter thing????? I cannot walk by a bargain, be it papercraft stuff, beads, fabric ( I LOVE fabric) thread, needles.....silks, bits and bobs, buttons, lace, paper doileys, oh you name it.

                        I bought a very dirty beaded handbag ( I think it was a Next one) from a charity shop for £1.00, smothered in silver bugle beads. I spent hours pickin' 'em off, then washed them. All sparkly now.

                        Now can anyone tell me what to do with about a pound weight of silver bugles? - Hey, nothing rude you lot!

                        I have yard after yard of fabric upstairs - well, it might come in useful one day!

                        Oddly enough, I'm not bothered about clothes. Silvercatdesign, and TYP, who've both met me, will attest that I don't give a hoot about clothes.... I have to wear a suit for work, and so from time to time I grit my teeth and go and buy one. I tend to buy good ones, classic lines, that will last, go into the washer, keep their shape, and look good for a couple of years.Oh, and preferably that don't need ironing!

                        Otherwise it's jeans, T shirt and a gilet - I love gilets, as they leave my arms free. I don't like my arms covered up.

                        I rummage charity shops, tabel-top sales, car boot sales - treasure for pennies!

                        I think Swirly ought to sit down now, as she might faint - I actually threw some things out for a charity-bag collection the other day. Fabric things. Sorry, Swirly.

                        I had to see to the airing-cupboard. It was a total mess: all the towels had disappeared, couldn't find any matching bedding. SO I got it all out, piled it all on our bed and had a damn fine sort out. There were things in there I hadn't used for year - curtains from out old house - we've been here since 1981! They don't fit these windows!

                        My airing-cupboard is now wonderful to see - I leave the door open so I can gloat a a job well jobbed - but it took all in my power to fill those charity bags. You never know, do you, when you're going to need five terry towelling nappies? And my eldest is 30 years old? Why did I keep 'em?


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                          Well done, I love a bargain. Went to B & Q before Christmas and they had a bargain bucket of red gingham stockings for 37p each, so I bought a bundle and made a lovely Mrry Christmas garland - yay !!
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