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  • Papermaking studio or training

    Hello Craftsters
    I am self-taught in hand-made paper making and I want to take this craft a bit further and get some training or visit someone who has a paper-making studio. I'm particularly interested in seeing a beater or hollander in action. So if someone out there knows of someone running courses or a studio in the Manchester area or beyond, I'd love to hear from you. I've spent so much time looking for this on the internet without luck!
    Oh yes, and I'm also going a bit doolally trying to buy couching felts so any hints on that would be good too. When I ask for the 'pelon' described in my handmade paper book in shops in the UK they don't seem to know what I'm talking about. I think it's a US term.
    Many many thanks.
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    Googled couching cloth and came up with this
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      hollander beater and couching felts

      Hi, I've just joined this forum today and saw your post.
      I found the best couching cloths were J-cloths (I bought a big pack for £1 in Woolies last year). As they are thin, you can make a larger number of sheets of paper in one 'post'. Also, they dry out quickly which I think helps the paper to dry. I used blocks of wood with G-cramps/vices to squeeze out the water, so when I used thick couching felt, it made it more time consuming.
      As for the Hollander beater - if you are interested in buying one, I have an old cast iron Marshall-Ward Hollander Beater that I bought from Jim Patterson who works in the Paper Trail in Hemel Hempsted. I paid £500 for it. It is very heavy, but it works. I live in Thame, Oxfordshire.


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        I have just this minute been searching the web for a Hollander Beater to purchase so I am very interested in yours. The waste disposal system that we use at the Art college is on its last legs so I need something to replace it with. Please contact me if you are selling.


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          Hollander Beater

          Hi Mike,
          Yes, I am selling the Hollander Beater.
          Please contact me.


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            still there?

            is the beater still available? if not, can you rediect me to another one? thanx


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              Originally posted by bookcraft View Post
              is the beater still available? if not, can you rediect me to another one? thanx
              As this thread is nearly 4 years ago I very much doubt it.
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