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  • 2 Warnings To Newbies

    Well the first warning is fairly obvious and probably doesnt really need saying, but this site should really carry a health warning before you're even allowed to look . IT IS NOT ONLY ADDICTIVE, BUT A SERIOUS DRAIN ON YOUR POTENTIAL CRAFTING TIME .

    On a somewhat more serious note however, unless a newcomer is an experienced knowledgeable all round crafter, they could , as I indeed was at first,be seriously put off by the amazing profesional art work and knowledge displayed by the majority of regular posters.

    I felt a total dunce!all these mentions of scuttlebugs and robocops and sixes and sevens or whatever the various machines are called. I thought candy cane was what gets hung on trees at xmas!! And that quilling had been misspelt and should have been quilting!! (doh)

    to cut a long story short.. I didnt imagine I'd ever post anything much on here, in spite of the very friendliness, as I'd feel too stupid! ( probably not far wrong there anyway), but would just look, read and learn.

    Anyway, bed ridden with a nasty bout of flu, I started trawling through the posts. I picked the general Forum, and started with the oldest posts first, and wow, how my attitude changed. I read the now experts, posts when they were newbies, asking what they thought were silly questions, and followed them through a couple of years , to see them develop successful businesses, selling the world over, and even submitting to the Royal Academy. Incredible!!

    So to all newbies : take heed and persevere and as Mr media said in 1 post I came across
    Almost all members sell crafts a few do it as a hobby but by definition if you have sold 1 item then you can be considered a professional..

    So having in the past sold a few cards, I'm a professional,and I did even get special requests, so I could even call myself a commissioned artiste!!!!

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    Hear Hear! Thanks for a great post Ilovecrafts !

    It is really scary when you first join up to a forum but it doesn't take long and you fit right in. Your crafting goes the same way..everyone was a newbie once!!
    Anice xx
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      That is a great post

      One thing to always remeber is this is a community built by you.. When you move to a new area you don't oftern know anyone and it takes a few pints down the pub before you have even talked to 1 person from your "new area" ..

      I'm glad you have enjoyed the experience so far...

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        slightly tongue in cheek but serious too! I did notice as I trawled through, that lots of newbies never seem to return. ok some are definitely UNWANTED, others may just have the one question or two, some may just be sensible and refuse to become cyber addicts, but I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised that quite a few felt as I did, and felt " unworthy" amongst such professional talent !


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          I appreciate the being the new kid on the block so to speak, but I'm in no way new to forum contribution, and have moderated on them too.
          And there is no doubt about everyone's friendliness, sense of humour is great , advice is great etc... but I nearly dropped out! ( And NOT because I couldnt get a definitive answer to the problem that helped me to find this extended crafting family)


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            What a lovely post ... I think you should put something like that on the Crafts Blog

            So as someone who knows the "life history" of all the posters on the forum ... any secrets to share about any of the regular posters??
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              well I hardly know everyone's life history YET!!!.. Take me a few more days or so ( months more like unless i'm aiming for a divorce!!) to go through all the posts,as apart from recent posts i have only trawled though the General forum, so lots more reading to do!!

              Obviously as the chicken lady, and the marine creature are the 2 most prolific posters ( i think) learnt a bit more about their goings on! , who not to upset (mr grumpy) , which one is god almighty.... and a few more!

              Cant remeber all the names just yet but that will come!!

              Love your signature btw JBJB , but hubby wasnt impressed when I read it out to him!!


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                I'm a newbie and that post is brilliant. I'm still messing about with different projects and havent found my niche, or produced anything worthy of viewing yet. I came across the forum quite by accident a couple of days ago.

                I've spent a fair few hours on here already and I am awe struck by the ability and sheer gorgeousness off everyones different crafts. I've been inspired triple fold and hope to become (in time ) a proffessional (s) and be able to one day ask you all to check out my website!!!

                Thank you


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                  What a lovely post and I really hope you or other newcomers to the forum aren't put off - we all had to start somewhere and we are a pretty firendly bunch here. Even if you have the most impossible question there is always someone here who can give you some advice.

                  Happy posting.



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                    Wade In....

                    ...Sometimes you just need to pull on the metaphorical wellies (pink polka dot, of course) and wade in.

                    I had never used forums much before I started on this one. I used the eBay boards for advice occasionally, but that was it.

                    When I started organising craft fairs I joined several forums, but after advertising one or two events I didn't really stop to chat. The posts on one were dominated by a few bossy posters, a real clique, and quite unsympathetic to newbies. The other, although fun, was difficult to read because of the graphic style. But this one is just me....Snow Angel's sig says it all!

                    Had I not jumped in at the deep end, I seriously doubt I'd still have a business today. This forum has been the making of Apple Tree Craft Fairs, and is always a huge help with crafting too. You can come online in a foul mood, rant in here, get sympathy and then face the day afresh.

                    Probably sounds like I don't get out much, and I also sound a bit like CJ from Reggie Perrin (remember him?) but it's very true.

                    I don't know, maybe you should just post something, get started, before trawling through all the previous posts? It's that first hurdle you need to get over.....

                    I think Ilovecrafts has done spectacularly well for a first post, certainly made up for any previous reticence!

                    Apple Tree Crafts


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                      I agree with Jules.

                      I don't use any other forums at all, never even look for any others. I think of this forum as my "tea-room". When I worked in an office, I always had somebody to gossip to or somewhere to go when I needed a break, but I don't get that working from home. So I come on here and feel part of a social network.

                      Keep at it!
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                        totally agree atc..

                        wading in, wellies yeah, pink polka dots , (never was a girly girl, no barbie dolls for me as a child!!! I had an action man!!) ( why isnt there a lovely "vomit" smiley i've seen on other sites?)

                        I'm not new to forums, and dived right in here with an urgent question, and introduced myself,all very friendly, welcoming etc,really nice, I thought great site ( and I wasn't wrong),started looking though all the forums even posted a couple of hopefully useful answers, but the more i looked at the site itself, and members own websites and their FAB items,of all kinds ( wish I could win the lottery, and all your sales would be going through the roof, though a bit far to travel to your craft fairs Jules !!)

                        I just got cold feet I suppose,lack of confidence in my stuff etc, etc...
                        BUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT, for some strange reason, i did something I've never done on any forum before, and that was to pick a topic and work through from the beginning, and lo and behold all these wonderful professional ART producers, were often displaying a similar lack of confidence etc when they started out, and with the mutual support etc,have flourished developed oodles of confidence, and gone on to great things, and that's why i started this thread, just in case any other newbies felt the same as i did and lost out on the opportunity of a wonderful new cyber family.

                        I think all the positive energy somehow got through to me and said, hold up, maybe , just maybe its worth looking some more and boy was it worth it

                        I wasnt in any way meaning to sound at all criical of anyone or of the site
                        just felt others could miss out, so wanted to share my experience so other ditherers might persevere, and fully appreciate what knowledge, friendship, etc, there is to be gained here.

                        and since i started this thread I have dived in head first and posted some answers,suggestions and even started another thread.

                        In fact you'll all probably wish i'd never found you as i'll be asking some probably really mega stupid questions ( is there a dunce of the month corner? best book it for me for some time i think!)

                        just realised how much i've written, must have a dose of verbal diarrhoea to go along with gastric flu we're just getting over


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                          What a fab post!

                          It can be rather intimidating to join in forums (I was nervous with my first post too) etc but as you say we come across as friendly and willing to give advice so that hopefully speaks in our favour and people will be more willing to dive in. And I wouldn't worry about your work seeming dull etc compared to others - I still think like that about my work when deep down I know it isn't rubbish but it still takes confidence to show it off. In this vein I recently got a comment on my blog about one of my chicken gift tags by someone called chicken hater! You can guess, from the name, that they rubbished my work but my confidence in my work has grown so much that I left the comment there (with my own take on it obviously) which I wouldn't have done just a few months ago.

                          Anyway I'm glad that you have posted this because it means that newbies hopefully will just jump right in and ask lots of 'daft' questions when really they are not daft at all because we have all asked them before! Gosh I'm rambling this morning!
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                            newbie here

                            I find it all a bit daunting. When you see everyone's fantastic websites and wonderful craftwork, I do think that my stuff may not be up to scratch! However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, (they say). I too have had many compliments and sold pieces and been asked to design pieces - so I should take heart and whilst I enjoy making things should keep doing it!!

                            Wouldn't it be terrible if a forum designed to encourage craft talent did in fact put people off! Well I hope that in months to come I will still be here and may be as well known as some of you others!! (I probably need some serious help first - i.e. how to take decent pics, where to upload them so that people can see them, what website? which outlets etc. etc. etc.). Hopefully there will be plenty of time for that in other threads over the coming months.

                            That's of course if you still want me to stay after all that verbal dhiarrhoea(? how to spell) - I don't think it's catching.

                            c x


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                              ....for every pic of something fab, for every post celebrating success, for every crafting triumph there are many, many failures & mistakes.

                              We all post pics of stuff we aren't sure of because we need the like-minded crafters on here to boost our confidence and say, Hey! That's great! We all list our craft fair triumphs & disasters, because there is always someone else in the same boat. We all lack confidence, we all under price ourselves.

                              We all rant when the day has been particularly cruddy. We all rave when the day has been good. We all need this instant, addictive, friendly online ideas/sounding board.

                              The one reason this forum is so good is because we are all the same.

                              Do you not think that if we didn't have these insecurities we'd be unbearably smug? We'd never seek to improve our skills, to try new crafts, to implement creative new ideas. Perfection is deeply flawed and, thankfully unattainable, but there's always hope......

                              Apple Tree Crafts