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can you help with zips?

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  • can you help with zips?

    hi all i've just joined and was wondering if you could help

    i wanted to ask how do you get a zip to turn at right angles like on a large sports bag.

    i'm currently making a bag but i need the the three edges of the top to unzip so i can flap the fourth over

    do you get special zips or is there a technique?

    any help would be greatfully recieved


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    Hmmm. The only curve I've ever had to put on a zip is a trouser zip. Years ago, these came curved at the bottom end ( these were to go in men's trousers, and were curved to allow room for their untidy bits & pieces, you know).

    The only way I can think of is to tack and stitch the zip in three separate stages. I assume it is a flap on top of the bag.

    What I mean is to tack and stitch a short side, up to the corner. The bend the zip to lie along the long side, and tack and stitch that to the next corner, then repeat for the final short side.

    I would think you'd have to open the zip, and stitch it to the bag first, and then repeat for the flap. I'm not sure I'm explaining very well: I can see it in my mind's eye.

    You might have to just clip the zip tape at the corners to make it more flexible.

    The only other way I can think of is to mitre corners in to the zip tape before you stitch it in, so that the zip forms three sides of a rectangle - appropriately measured - before you sew it in.