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    I'm having some trouble with my right wrist just lately - not painful but a cold feeling when I am at work in the office and the most I have to rest it on the table while using my mouse, the more colder it gets to the point that it aches like a toothace!

    I'm sat here at the moment with my neck scarf wrapped around in and trying to stop the pulse area from resting on the table!!

    Was wondering if anybody knew of where I can but some sort of wrist cover (not fingersless gloves or white bandage) but something on the lines of it looking like a fact, those wrist bands they wear when playing tennis - but nicer!

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    two possibilities. You might Have RSI. rest is the best cure for that. OR
    it could be something called carpel tunnel syndrome. Thats where nerves are compressed on the way to the fingers. OR it may simply be that the angle of your wrist on the mouse is restricting blood flow to the hand.
    I would suggest that you put a book or something else under your forearm to alter the angle of your wrist when using the mouse and see if this eases the symptoms at all.
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      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often has associated pins and needles, numbness and/or pain with it. They normally recommend wearing a splint. (I work for 2 orthopaedic surgeons so hear this a lot)

      Something like these:

      If it does persist I would recommend going to see your GP who can get nerve conduction studies done to assess your nerve endings and if it is CTS then they can refer you to a orthopaedic surgeon.

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        I don't get pin and needles or any numbness at at and it does not hurt me every day - in fact its about once or twice a month and its reallys only here at work on this wooden desk! I never get it at home and I spend more time on the computer there I think, so I dont think its RSI either.

        Its weird because its just that one certain spot and its just cold. My scarf covering it helps keep the cold off the skin and seems to help.

        I may not get this feeling now for a few weeks and I dont feel it in my left hand (I don't think I use the mouse that much as I tend to use a lot of the shortcuts with keys so dont take my hands of the keyboard that much!

        Thanks for suggestions though - and if it does keep up for a couple of days, I will certainly go to the doctors........

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          Couldn't agree more with the comments already made. It could be the beginnings of RSI or carpal tunnel and you notice it particularly if your wrist is at the wrong angle.

          It might be worth mentioning next time you see your GP or practice nurse, but in the meantime try the book under the forearm trick to see if that improves things - better still yell Health & Safety at work and make them buy you one of those mouse mats with a gel wrist support (I use one, but had to buy my own, and it makes a lot of difference).

          Whatever you do, don't ignore it - it will only get worse.