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  • Your Favorite Craft stores

    What are some shops or places that you love to go to for your crafting supplies? Are there any local 'secret' sources that you tap into that you think nobody else knows about?

    I like going to Mandores fabric store [in Glasgow] for fabric dye, zippers, and sewing supplies. The staff there really know their stuff too, but the fabric is so expensive [ maybe im just really poor], however, they have this great little corner of 50cm x 50cm squares of fabric rolled up and sectioned according to color that's very very cheap! John Lewis has a worthy craft section too. I like to go gawk and poke at the top-f-the-line sewing machines I could never possibly afford. They also have a great embellishing section, with feathers, boas, sparkles, and other flashy wares.

    My 'secret' source, is not so hand shops. On my days off I start from one end of Dumbarton Road [the 'second hand shop 'district'] and make my way all the way down to Partick. There are 15 shops I can think of off the top of my head that are on the strip, which means great selection! Probably the place that I have most success with is The Salvation Army [who frequently have sales on clothes made from great material] or Protection for Cats [or something like that], who are abnormally cheap, and always seem to have great selection [though limited].

    Another good source I've been researching is Primark. It's not a very ethical option, since the quality is low, the prints are mass produced, and the chain's surplus clothing is a major factor in adding to the tremendous textile waste problem. However, keeping to the sale racks will help save at least a couple garments from the landfills, and be very kind to your wallet. there are shirts in there for like 50p that have funky designs that would look great as lining, or even be used a doll clothes. Or, if you like to make your clothes from scratch, primark is a pretty good place to rummage through to find a a particular cut of shirt of a particular style of trousers that you can buy for cheap, take apart, and trace onto paper to make your own stuff. They also keep pretty up-to-date with the fashion world if you're into that sort of thing, so you could play with the modern designs, and alter them to your specifications. Also, Primark bags make awesome wrapping paper. this Christmas I reused old primark bags that were gathering dust as my wrapping paper, and decorated it with pictures I cut out from the Independent . The wrapping was well received and even served as some ideas for people. Brown paper serves as a great background for any collage or paper craft I find, and i'm sure alot of us have old primark bags hidden someplace that could be put to good use.

    Tell me about your shops! You're craft supply excursions! And all of your 'secret sources'!

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    My fav craft shop is run by heavenlygirl and does mail order too. She's great for cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies.

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      After a miserable trip to Hobbycraft yesterday, I'd love to know if anyone can share any good tips too! Hobbycraft has a great choice, but just of everything except what I was looking for!! It was one of those shopping trips where you feel you might grow old and die before you can even find the section you're meant to be in, and the music made me want to hang myself with the full range of ribbons I am trying to find some nice greetings cards to print photos on. I've found the kind with a hole in for the photo, and they're great, but I am wondering where to buy the kind with kind of a matt finish but a gloss square in the middle to print a high quality photo on.. anyone got any ideas please?
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        I can get quite a lot of stuff for my mum at a reduced rate, ok I beg her for it She sells craft supplies on *bay so if I need anything I can ask her to source it.

        I think it was mentioned earlier but I love trawling through charity shops and carboot sales sometimes you strike lucky other times not. To really get the best value for my money I research quite a lot on the internet, there are some hidden gems out there.

        Hobby craft is a great shop and I do use it on occassion I just find it too expensive if you are looking to re-sell your items.

        The Bead Shop in London is a fab shop with lots of fantastic beads. Macculloch and Wallis (may be mispelled) is a great habidashery (sorry spelling again) and source of millinery supplies. For those that use fabrics there are some great places off oxford street london and near New Street Station Birmingham. I also used to visit shops in Tooting that sold sari fabric as it is suprisingly cheap to buy off the roll.

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          fav shops for my crafts, spellbound beads lichfeild, abakhan hanley/mostyn, I bought bargin bags of felt from the mostyn branch it was really good quality felt for a £1 !!!!!!, lapidary shop in burslem stoke on trent, gem stone beads and a friendly ear. And last of all my mum. She was a soft furnisher for a long time and has a lot of fabric off cuts (a loft full) also my mum makes things to sell to raise money for cancer research, anything that is donated that she won't use i buy from her. I've had some really lovely vintage fabric that way plus i know what I pay goes to a good cause.

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