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  • Im a happy bunny

    Got my 2 new Sizzix Alphabet sets today i got Script and the Friut Smoothie love them both and at only £24.99 each instead of £99 each even better.

    Anyone else got any new crafty bits in the sales

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    what a bargain, great price, I am on a stash ban so no shopping for me in the sales LOL
    I came..I saw..I shopped


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      Yep, I got some Cuttlebug dies for 99p. I also got a great big tub of mixed glass beads ( snuck it into the house: but I'll have to 'fess up sooner or later) from Hobbycraft for £16.00.


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        Originally posted by Primmers View Post
        Yep, I got some Cuttlebug dies for 99p. I also got a great big tub of mixed glass beads ( snuck it into the house: but I'll have to 'fess up sooner or later) from Hobbycraft for £16.00.
        empty some out and make out u have had them ages LOL (i saw that set in hobbycraft, very nice)
        I came..I saw..I shopped


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          I don't think you are the only one who is having to hide crafty buys at the moment. I had a message from one of my customers today that made me laugh..she was pleased that I took paypal on my website as her husband doesn't look at her paypal account but he sees anything she puts on the debit or credit card!
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            Hiding the beadz.......

            Hee hee. I thnk he's spotted them anyway! We had to do a big clear-up of the dining room New Year's Day as my sister and her husband, and my dad were all coming for dinner that evening. I popped the bag - along with other stuff that was on the table- into a washing basket and I think that was the one that Himself carried upstairs!

            Crikey, that sounds really odd - it's just that I use washing baskets to collect up odds and sods that are lying around to move them from A to B. I use them for putting washing in too!

            I have had some nice Cuttlebug dies from the USA. I ordered them off eBay. I ordered six lots, which were $40 - about £20? - plus £7 P & P.
            As a set of just four dies here in the Uk is £13.99, and I bought a really big lot. They worked out, altogether, at about £1.20 per die.

            I fell a bit foul of the import rules though. The seller printed off the customs form and put down the true value of the order, which is OK by me.

            The parcel came through Mount Pleasant in London, where the Royal Mail added a bit of VAT - which I don't mind, as the value stated was over £18.00, and them's the rules - then Royal Mail charged me a WHOPPING £8.00 for collecting £3.40 VAT!!!!

            I never asked them to act as my agent: I don't mind paying the VAT but I'm perfectly capable of sending a cheque to Customs & Excise myself.

            What really aggravated me was that when I opened the packet, the seller had only put in half the dies - so the value of the packet was in fact about £10.00. There was no problem with him sending me the additional dies, which he did very quickly ( they'd just got missed in the packing). I asked him to put the true value of the packet on the Customs form this time - about $20.00 or £10.00.

            When the packet arrived, all he'd done was reprinted the original form, and the value was shown as $40.00. And my post man just delivered that one: no VAT and no incredible charge from the Royal Mail.

            Even with the bit of tax and the RM's extortionate charge, they're still a good buy. It was just that I thought RM had a right flippin cheek. They called it a handling fee. Daylight robbery more like.

            I haven't had a chance to play with the dies yet. I've had two weeks off work over the Christmas holidays and all I've done is work - housework, cooking, running hither and yon, trying to look after dad, both my dogs have had to have emergency surgery ( thank goodness they're both insured) so I've had a bit of nursing with them.

            I really want to sit down and play with my new dies and beads and so on.
            My daughter bought me a lovely set of charcoal pencils for Christmas, and I'm dying to try some sketching, but I just can't find the time!

            I'll be glad to get back to work for a bit of a rest.......