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  • Rudolph Day

    Anyone going to join me in this. Its where on the 25th of each month you make a few christmas cards. Having left it to late this year (last year)to make my own im going to start early for christmas 2008 so on the 25th of each month im going to make a few christmas cards so i wont be rushing about at the end of the year or worse still not making any at all.
    It doesnt have to be cards it could be anything that you make for christmas

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    Whenever I make Christmas cards during the years I end up singing carols LOL
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      That's a good plan actually... I always plan to make glass snowflakes but leave too late everytime! Rudolf day it is!
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        Wish I could but I don;t know what I am doing from one day to the next no less on the 25th of every month lol
        I end up doing most of my crafting in the middle of the night when everything is quiet.
        Singing christmas carols reminded me of my florist days when we use to make all our artifcial arrgs and wreaths for christmas in July and Aug when there were not as many freshflower holidays going on.I use to shut myself up in a room with boxes of christmas decorations,the AC going full blast,and christmas carols on the cd player........Loved it! and ended up having 2 christmases instead of one.
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