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  • C E testing

    I was told today by trading standards that my craft has to be CE tested
    Ive google it all night and read lots on self testing but where do I go to pay to have these requested tests and how much is it going to cost me?

    kind regards


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    There's a series about this on the craftsforum blog starting here:
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      I have read reports that getting one toy tested in a lab can cost between £200-£300 - the reason why many of us self-certify! That is for each toy, so if you make more than one the costs can become too much for a small company.

      A lot of people I have come across use this company -
      Might be worth contacting them for help/advice. They do an info pack for people who wish to self-certify that costs £20+vat. But they also do testing of products so worth a call.

      I know when I first came across the CE stuff I was pretty bowled over by it all, and was thinking of just jacking it all in. But once I'd taken some time out and read up on it (and got over the shock of things not being as straightforward as I thought they were!) and had my chat with Trading Standards about what they expected from me, I started to feel I could actually do it.

      Liz aka bigbirdlittlebird


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        The conformance pack is designed for small scale makers and is definitely worth the £30.
        as far as other costs: most of the other costs were changing supplies like stuffing, thread and felt. as literally everything had to be compliant or you canot certify.
        It was also a loty of time involved in researching etc.
        What do you make?
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          Thank u all I was shocked when I first got my email from trading standards as I did not want to make items for children I was going for more of a goth scarey rabbit I at changing all my stock but I'm unsure about my material as it is different print I know 100 percent cotton but I use different patterns would I need to get every fabric tested?


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            I'm going to pm you.
            full time mum and very very part time crafter.