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    This question may have already been asked but I making some pocketfold wedding invitations and need to glue some pattern paper and a white layer of paper on the inside and a panel of patterned paper on the outside. This may sound stupid but I'm struggling to get the glue right to the edge or if I do get it to the edge it creeps on to the front. I want a nice clean finish so am really struggling to know what to do for the best.

    Can anyone recommend a glue, technique or tip that would help me get a clean finish with glue all the way to the edge


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    Not really sure what you mean but maybe a dry glue as opposed to a wet glue may work, have you tried the snail double sided glue pens. Hth if not sure someone else will be along shortly with some better advice.


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      In my experience wet glue is too unpredictable and harder to control, dry adhesive tapes are the answer as you can get them right to the very edge of the cardstock. I tend to use my ATG gun for most projects these days...the beauty of this is that you can run the tape to the very edge and if you should happen to get any excess tape showing you can simply rub it away with a clean finger or use a white eraser to remove the excess.It sticks things down beautifully and saves time having to peel backing strips off ordinary tape.


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        Could you use double sided tape?
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          If you do decide to use double sided tape or tape runners don't forget the quick swipe with a glue stick if you need extra wriggle room (to get things lined up exactly before they are stuck for good.)