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  • Best Yarn for winter Hat

    Hi All
    I’m making a beanie style woolly hat for my boyfriend, I had made one previously but it was with a cheaper Sidar Bonus DK and he says it itches his head.
    So I’m going to make a new one with a slightly bulkier yarn so tis warmer but what kind of thing would work best that won’t itch his head?
    I’m guessing not acrylic.

    Alternatively I can line it, how easy would that be?


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    Acrylic and acrylic mixes are often the best to use if you have someone who finds wool itchie many people are allegic to pure wool.

    I would go for a thicker yarn for a extra warm hat such as Aran wieght.

    Or you can use a Double knitting yarn but knitt it tigher ie use the wrong size knittting needles, but remember your pattern will now require more rows and stitches if you use a finner knitting needle.
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      I am thinking of doing myself a winter hat too, and will be doing it in chunky acrylic yarn. I find wool very itchy, so have found acrylics much nicer to wear
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        Maybe you could make a fleece lining to make it soft and also super warm!
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          If you are lining it remember to pick stretchy fabric.


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            Hope you don't mind a bit of advice from a newbie!

            I usually make all my beanies with alpaca or a wool / alpaca mix. My absolute favourite is Rooster Almerino Aran, which is a 50/50 mix of baby alpaca and merino. Lovely and soft, great stitch definition, plenty of elasticity, very warm and washes and wears brilliantly with very little pilling, if any. I usually find I can do an adult beanie with one ball of the Rooster aran, so you can also avoid having to join in a new ball.

            If anyone is allergic to wool (or rather the lanolin in it), pure alpaca is a brilliant alternative yarn to use and it isn't as expensive as you might think, if you shop around.

            Good luck with it


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              For a winter hat, I would use wool rather than a acrylic as it's much warmer, but thats' my own preference. Also, I find alpaca just as itchy as wool, plus it felts really easily in the wash but lining a hat is really easy.

              Take a rectangular piece of fleece which measures as long as around his head and as wide as the distance from the bottom of his ear to the top of his head. Stitch the short sides together so you've got a column which goes around his head. Now do some basic shaping by cutting a smooth curve on each side from halfway up the column to the middle to the middle of the top. Stitch along that line, turn it inside out and pin it to the inside of the hat. I'm not 100% with stitch names but I think it's a mattress stitch you need (? someone correct me?!) to fix the lining to the inside. Hey presto! A super warm and non-scratchy hat

              If you don't want to line it, merino wool is super soft and squishy. My local yarn shop sells 100g for £3 and it's beautiful stuff.