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Hi, new here and live in the West Midlands

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  • Hi, new here and live in the West Midlands

    Hi there

    I live in Halesowen in the West Midlands, and was primarily wondering if there were any craft groups local to me.

    I also think it's time I stop bugging my non-crafty best mate with my crafty prattle and try to find some more like-minded people in real life!!!

    Looking forward to chatting


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    Well if you can't find some real people to talk to then we are always here!! I've actually met 2 people off the forum and can attest that they are real and not my pretend friends as my husband believes!
    Anyway welcome to the forum
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      Thank you!!!!!


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        to the forum. Enjoy your time here.

        Cheers Janice


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          Sticky Glitter Hands
          Hope to chat soon. x
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            Hello and from me too!

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              Hello and to the forum! I hope you enjoy chatting 'craft' here...I always do!!
              Anice xx
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                Yay I got welcomes!!!!

                Thank you!!!!!


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                  Sticky...from me too, it is a nice forum isn't it?
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                    Everyone seems lovely

                    I'm still trying to navigate the site, it's a bit different to the ones I'm used to...this is my first craft forum

                    What I came looking for when I typed into Google was a local craft group which meets occasionally.... I'm still looking though!!!!!!


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                      Hi and to the forum!

                      I've just come back from staying with my daughter who lives in Quinton which is not far from you!!

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                        Hello Glitter, and welcome. This is a nice forum and having met some of the people from it at craft fairs I can vouch that they're nice too!

                        I'm just up the road from you in Sedgley.

                        I don't know of any craft groups that meet locally: I think there might be some in Wolverhampton. Trouble with Google, I've found, is that you google looking for one thing and end up sidetracked into something else! Anyway, you've sidetracked yourself onto a nice forum.

                        I have to admit I'm not very good at navigating in Halesowen, either by car or on foot. My internal compass is insistent that I should be going one way, when all the street signs and so on tell me I should be going another. I get extremely confused there. Someone once told me that ley-lines cross beneath the town and that's what causes the confusion. And I thought it was just poor navigational skills.....


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                          Quinton is easy to get to

                          Sedgley is less easy for me to get to, but I think I know where it is (I don't drive)

                          You could be right about the Ley lines I always have so much trouble in Dudley trying to navigate around; even when I lived there I was constantly lost... I don't see to have that problem with Halesowen though - I must be in tune with my town!!!