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    sorry if this is in the wrong place. I feel moved to make a wool rug, never done it before, bought a book, still puzzled on a couple of points if anyone could enlighten me I'd be grateful.

    Do you just pull the wool through the backing? Why doesn't it all pull out? Do you have to knot it? Does the back look exactly the same as the front?

    Why do people use little lengths of wool, isn't it possible just to keep going with the same loooong bit? Or do you have to cut long bits into little ones?

    When it says to hem the rug when finished, what does that mean? Do you fold it over and sew it like making curtains?

    (See, I've never made curtains either - really am a total beginner!)

    thanks in advance

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    I've made a rag rug but not a wool rug - sounds exciting! I'd love to have a go at that. Maybe look for some Youtube videos?? I taught myself how to crochet from Youtube. I find watching specific videos for what you need helpful and you can pause and rewind to really make sure you understand.
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      Hi - I've watched a few youtube videos but they left me with these questions. Maybe the answers are too obvious for me to see!?!


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        What backing do you have ? If it has open squares then you will need a latch hook and do it like this All the wool will have to be cut into small lengths of wool. Pre cut wool is much easier than making your own but you can make your own with one of these
        If your backing is like hessian then you can use a long length of wool and make a rug with loops on the right side rather than cut ends like this . As long as the stitches are quite close together the loops will not pull out.
        To finish off you can turn the last couple of inches under and hook through both layers as if it was just one square. You can put a strip of material binding around the edge to enclose the raw edges or you can turn the edges under and handstitch to the back.

        Hope this helps.